10 Luckiest Anime Characters Of All Time

Aniplex Online Fest 2022 recently ended and featured tons of new and returning anime. The world of anime has introduced fans to many vibrant characters over the years who sometimes go on death-defying and epic adventures. This is seen in fan-favorites like Dragon Ball Z when the gang goes to planet Namek to retrieve the Dragon Balls, or in Full Metal Alchemist when Ed And Al go on a quest to find the Philosophers Stone.

These adventures can sometimes be dangerous and even deadly. However, there’s always that one character that has the best luck, surprisingly makes it out alive, and lives to tell the tale. Whether it’s because they have companions who are always protecting them, or they’re just smart enough to stay out of trouble, these characters make sure they live to see another day.


The Elric brothers are always in dangerous situations, and sometimes Winry is caught up in those moments. One example is when Winry hears that Scar is in the same battle as the brothers and rushes to find them. She soon finds out that Scar is the one who killed her parents long ago, and is so distraught over what she hears that she pulls a gun on him.

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In any normal situation, Winry would have been in a world of trouble being that Scar is a lot stronger than her. The reason why Scar does not try to attack her is that he feels bad for her because he now knows he is the reason why her parents are dead. If this was anyone but Winry pulling a gun on Scar, they wouldn’t have the same luck.

Armin Arlert – Attack On Titan

There are many heartbreaking deaths in Attack On Titan, but Armin manages to escape this fate. One example happens during season 1 when a Titan is about to eat him, but Erin rushes to save him. Many fans also remember when Armin sacrifices himself during a battle with the Colossal and Armored Titans, only to be saved by his friends.

Armin is of the luckiest characters in Attack On Titan, and it’s all because of his friends, who would do anything to protect him. Eren risks his own life, so his best friend won’t get eaten, and his friends make a tough choice when they decide to save his life over Erwins. Armin is the heart of the team, making it hard for these characters to not want to protect him.

Near – Death Note

Near seems to escape the fate that many characters face on Death Note when going against Light. All Light has to do is write down Near’s name in the book, and he loses his life, but it never happens. Knowing this danger, Near doesn’t stop and continues pursuing Light until he is finally victorious.

Near can survive because he uses his brain. Unlike his mentor, L, Near played it safe because not only did he live undercover, but not once did he ever give out his real name to anyone, even to those he trusted. In turn, this helped him save his life from Light.

Kirito – Sword Art Online

Having one’s consciousness stuck in a video game, with a risk of dying in real life is unlucky, but for Kirito, he manages to defeat those odds. One example is when Kuradeel poisons Kirito and stabs him, causing his HP to diminish. Thankfully, Asuna arrives just in time to save him.

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Being in an environment like Sword Art Online, where it’s life or death, Kirito quickly has to make allies to survive. If not for his friends and comrades he meets during his journey, Kirito would not have lived past the first season. Asuna is a prime example, she will do anything to protect Kirito, even sacrificing her own life.

Bulma – Dragon Ball Z

Being the only person without superpowers while on planet Namek is a risky move. But that didn’t stop Bulma. There are many times when the scientist finds herself in dire situations, including when Frieza attempts to kill her while battling Goku, but Vegeta saves and blocks the attack.

In Dragon Ball Z, Bulma has smarts and friendships on her side. She gets in over her head, at times, but for the most part, knows when to stay out of danger. When she is in danger, she has powerful friends who can turn into Super Saiyans to help save her. It also helps that one of those Saiyans is the father of her children.

The Children – The Promised Neverland

Except for Conny, the majority of the children in The Promised Neverland are lucky to make it out alive, for many reasons. For starters, they manage to escape Isabella and the Farm after they find out they are just food for demons. Secondly, they manage to escape the demons that are after them, all while surviving in the woods.

To be a kid who fights demons to survive while living alone in the wilderness is due to nothing but self-determination. These kids have one agenda only, and that is to live. They are all facing the same dire situation, therefore they are always there for each other, fighting until the end.

The Sailor Scouts – Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon, The Sailor Scouts are not lucky because they have close calls with their enemies. They are lucky to be alive because they transform in the middle of a battle where an enemy can go in for the kill. Not only that, but it takes some time for them to unleash their powers since there is a phrase they have to say first.

It’s not clear why the Sailor Scouts are unharmed during their transformation or while they are getting ready to attack. However, there is one instance during Sailor Moon S: The Movie, when the Sailor Scouts are fighting Princess Snow Kaguya and are harmed during the middle of saying the phrases to unleash their powers, but in the end, they still survive to tell the tale.

Jeri – Digimon

During the third season of Digimon, Jeri goes through a lot after the heartbreaking moment of losing Leomon. She is kidnaped by the D-Reaper and is a prisoner for quite some time. Even without a partner or friends, Jeri manages to survive until the Tamers come to her rescue.

In Jeri’s case, the D-Reaper wanted her alive — it needed to learn about humans and the earth. Not only that, but her grief from losing Leomon served as an energy booster to battle the Tamers and their Digimon. Jeri’s luck is solely based on the D-Reaper until she is rescued.

Ash Ketchum – Pokémon: The First Movie

Pokémon is a kid-friendly show, but Ash lives a dangerous lifestyle. One example is during Pokémon: The First Movie when Ash runs in between Mew and Mewtwo’s attacks, turning him into stone. Fortunately, Pikachu and the rest of the Pokémon can revive Ash with their love for him.

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Ash is known to be a kind-hearted kid who loves his Pokémon to no end. When Pikachu sees that he has turned to stone, he is sad because that is his best friend, if Ash wasn’t so loving, it’s hard to say if he would be so lucky to survive an attack from two powerful Pokémon.

Eren Yeager – Attack On Titan

A lot happens to Eren during season 1 of Attack On Titan. He is saved after his mother is eaten by a Titan, but episodes later, he is eaten by a Titan, only to survive and find out he is a Titan himself and the key to saving his home.

Luck surrounds Eren Yeager because if it was not for his father who gives him a Titan Injection, his fate would not be the same as some of his comrades. Eren also has strong friends by his side, like Mikasa, who will stop at nothing to protect him, as well as the entire Survey Corps, who realize Eren is special and can save them all.

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