10 Suspicious Anime Villains Everyone Trusts For No Reason

Anime villains are not typically trustworthy characters. Yet, some are so good at masking, or so charismatic that they can hide their villainy in plain sight. These anime villains may be extremely suspicious to the audience (or even a few characters in their universe), but they are nevertheless trusted by others.

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Whether their villainy is a complete surprise to audiences, or whether their personalities seemed amiss, these anime villains are great at veiling their true nature. The power and charm they possess aid them in their deception and keep audience members on high alert – waiting for another potential hidden villain to come along.

10/10 The Reaper Makes Arrangements

Assassination Classroom

The Reaper is Korosensei’s assassin successor and a major antagonist in Assassination Classroom. However, when the students first meet him, he appears to be just a humble florist. They even talk to him for a while due to his friendly nature.

Unfortunately, The Reaper would become their biggest threat. As he was Korosensei’s student, he knows all of his moves, and has a keen sense of observation. Although it takes a lot of effort to bring him down, fans still cannot believe that the innocent-looking florist was one of the world’s deadliest assassins.

9/10 Gaku Yashiro Played The Part Of A Devoted Teacher


Erased‘s Gaku Yashiro seems like a perfect teacher. He is compassionate and fair, and always greets students with a smile. Even Sachiko Fujinuma trusts him enough to help her get another student out of a troubled home.

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However, Yashiro harbors a dark evil. As the protagonist Satoru Fujimuna learns, Yashiro is responsible for the murders of three of Satoru’s classmates, as well as countless other children throughout the region. Yashiro was so good at hiding his secret, that another man was blamed and imprisoned for Yashiro’s crimes.

8/10 Rekka Hoshimiya Lets His Charisma Hide His Secrets

Fire Force

Rekka Hoshimiya is a flashy priest of the Holy Sol Temple from Company 1 in Fire Force. His outgoing personality coupled with his dynamic Thrid Generation Pyrokinetic powers makes him a force. Many are charmed by his flamboyant nature, but Rekka has a vile secret.

Slowly, he has been luring children and performing experiments on them to see if he could find the seventh pillar. Unfortunately, none of his plans seem to work, causing hundreds to die at his hands. Rekka fooled those closest to him into thinking that he was their friend and confidant.

7/10 Zeke Yeager Is Earnest In His Villainy

Attack On Titan

From a young age, Zeke Yeager was taught the inherent principle of survival and legacy. He was educated by the Marleyans who told him his ancestors were evil, but his parents instructed him to rise against the Marleyans. Being surrounded by such conflict, Zeke came to the wrongly conceived notion that the Eldian race should die out in Attack On Titan.

However, Zeke kept his idea hidden from his comrades and came across as the mild-mannered senpai who was an example for all future Warriors. Zeke always appeared level-headed in any conversation, making him seem trustworthy – without having to follow through on any specific promises.

6/10 King Bradley Is A Respected Leader

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

King Bradley is the führer of Amestris at the beginning of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Although he has full control over the government and the military, people seem to like him – or at least view him with neutrality.

Yet, Bradley has a secret: he is the Wrath Homunculus and works for an entity known as Father. Bradley’s goal is to use his power to help Father turn the citizens of Amestris into a Philosopher’s stone. The Amestrian citizens have no idea that the person running their country is going to use their souls for personal gain.

5/10 Su-Won Rebuilds The Kingdom

Yona of the Dawn

Although Su-Won grew up in and around the palace of Koka Kingdom, his new place in the castle does not feel like it was earned. Su-Won is unquestionably a great leader who makes radical changes for the betterment of his people, however many people in Yona of the Dawn do not know how he became King.

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Su-Won’s gentle gaze and polite demeanor are very trusting. This is why no one suspected that he would do away with his own uncle. However, with all the good he is currently doing, fans are suspicious that something bigger is coming down the line. Fans can only hope Su-Won will make good on his promise to help the Koka Kingdom thrive.

4/10 Kowaru Nagisa Has A Change Of Heart

Neon Genesis Evangelion

When Kowaru Nagisa is brought in to pilot Unit 02, fans were excited at the prospect of another member being added to the group in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Even the hesitant Shinji seemed to warm up to him, and the two became friends.

Unfortunately, Kowaru would later reveal himself to be a Child of Adam – a being sent to destroy all of humanity. Although Kowaru decides to change his ways upon meeting Shinji, there is no denying that this potential villain was hiding in plain sight.

3/10 Unalaq Preaches Unity

The Legend Of Korra

Unalaq is Korra’s uncle, as well as the leader of the Northern Water Tribe in The Legend of Korra. Unalaq is a very spiritual man, who endlessly touts the benefits of being in tune with the Spirit World. However, his plans for the spirit world are not so pleasant.

Unalaq gets his hands on the spirit of evil, Vatu, and fuses with him to become a nearly unstoppable force. Even Korra in her avatar state has trouble contending with this giant. Unalaq never has anyone’s best interests at heart, and uses Vatu to his ability to gain power and control as much as the Avatar as possible.

2/10 Kyubey Made Promises

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kyubey is a cat-like creature who seeks out young girls and promises them a wish in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The only catch is that they have to become magical girls and work toward ridding the world of witches. Though it seems like an innocent enough promise it is anything but.

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Kyubey is using the girls so that he can obtain their emotional energy. The girls trust him enough that they agree with little hesitation. Yet, are horrified when they realize what really lies in store for them. Kyubey’s sweet appearance disarms his prey, leaving them helpless when it is time to feed.

1/10 Sukuna Chooses To Be Dormant

Jujutsu Kaisen

When Yuji Itadori comes across a Cursed Spirit’s finger, he decides that the logical next step is to eat it to save someone in need in Jujutsu Kaisen. This triggers the Cursed Spirit Sukuna, who returns to life and tries to take over Itadori’s body. Though many want to kill Itadori, and Sukuna with him, Satoru Gojo decides to watch over Itadori and Sukuna to see what developments occur.

Although it appears that Sukuna is dormant for the moment, fans cannot help but feel that he is only letting Itadori have the body. It seems like it is only a matter of time before Sunkuna completely takes over, and wreaks havoc on his surroundings. Gojo should be much less lackadaisical about such a strong and evil entity.

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