6 Anime Like Ya Boy Kongming! [Recommendations]

Based on the rhythm app game, D4DJ: First Mix follows the story of Rinku Aimoto, who returned to Japan to Yoba Academy. The academy is known for its DJ units and their popularity. She meets Maho Akashi, who aspires to be a DJ. Maho taught Rinku about the basics of DJ, which got her interested in music, and she decided to make her own DJ unit, Happy Around. Rinku, together with Maho, and two new recruits, Muni Oonaruto, and Rei Togetsu, faced the DJ world intending to be the best DJ unit in the country.

Like Paripi Koumei, the theme of D4DJ: First Mix is also music. Rinku discovery of DJs and the music they created is similar to Kongming’s discovery of music through Eiko’s singing. In fact, the music led Rinku to create her own DJ unit Happy Around, and their goal of being the best DJ in the world. One difference is that instead of having a manager to support them, the girls of Happy Around have to gain fame and recognition by themselves. If you are interested in music but want something different, why not give D4DJ: First Mix a try?

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