Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Update 9 Log & Patch Notes

Roblox Anime Warriors Simulator 2 recently launched its Update 9, a comprehensive update boasting an array of exciting additions and enhancements aimed at providing a more immersive gameplay experience. If you need free stuff, head to our Anime Warriors Simulator 2 Codes page for all the available freebies.

Among the notable enhancements, the level cap has been increased to 180, enabling players to push their warriors’ abilities to new heights. Furthermore, the chamber level cap has also been raised to 140, with the artifact level cap following suit and reaching 80, allowing for a deeper character progression and more varied gameplay.

Update 9 has introduced an additional 10 warriors into the game’s already vast roster. These new characters further expand the range of unique abilities and play styles available to players. Accompanying the new warriors is the inclusion of the feature allowing players to select traits and the quantity of monarchs from the warrior index, creating an even more customizable gaming experience.

One of the highlights of the update is the unveiling of the “Golden Kingdom”, a new world for players to explore. Alongside this comes the challenge of a new impossible tower. Players are invited to test their mettle and climb to the top of this daunting structure, offering an exhilarating adventure for seasoned warriors.

Further adding to the game’s depth and complexity, Update 9 introduces aura upgrading. This new feature allows players to enhance their auras using dungeon crystals, thus offering another layer of strategy and customization to the game’s battles.

Beyond new content, the developers have also addressed gameplay balancing and bug fixes, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to improving the game’s performance and user experience. Specific character revamps include the Ant King, Excalibur, and Radiant God. The update also remedies the previously reported issue with the Monster City dungeon map.

Other adjustments to the gameplay mechanics involve the switching out of the dungeon leaderboard mount and a change in the frequency of the rank rewards force reset, which will now take place every two days. A second chamber slot has also been added, providing more room for players to store and manage their resources.

Completing the list of new features is the addition of new achievements, a new quest, a new mount, and auto attack upgrades. All these contribute to a richer and more rewarding gaming experience.

Here’s a look at the full list of patch notes from the Discord:

  • New World: Golden Kingdom!
  • New Impossible Tower…
    • Can you climb and beat the tower?
  • Aura Upgrading!
    • Upgrade your auras using dungeon crystals!
  • New Achievements!
  • 10 New Warriors!
  • Level cap increased to 180!
  • New Quest + Mount!
  • Optimization changes!
  • Balancing + bug fixes!


  • Chamber level cap raised to 140 and artifact level cap raised to 80
  • Monster City dungeon map fixed
  • Ant King + Excalibur + Radiant God character revamps
  • Rank rewards force reset changed to 2 days
  • Second chamber slot added
  • Trait selecting + amount of monarchs added to warrior index
  • Dungeon leaderboard mount switched out
  • New auto attack upgrades