Bandai Namco Pledges Globalism and Diversity- Changes Logo and Everyone Hates It

Bandai Namco is following in the footsteps of SONY. The company has decided to go global and by global what that really means is that they are going to do what western companies are doing. Following movements and things such as being politically correct and get ready because they will start to censor more content as they go “global” to please the masses. Little do they know that this will cause them to lose money.

As western entertainment companies begin to collapse, they look for the next best thing in entertainment. Japanese companies of course because that is where many top of the line games are made. Also Bandai Namco has created some of the best anime and video games out there such as Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece. They own some of the biggest Japanese intellectual properties out there.

How do you know that this is all true?

The proof is in Bandai’s new logo change which they did to appeal to the masses. Honestly, their new logo just looks like Twitch’s logo. Like a messenger app or something.

Bandai Namco also promises diversity.

Is this starting to sound similar. Like something you have heard from western American Hollywood. Diversity and inclusion usually means less Caucasian people and more of what is considered “oppressed groups of people”.

What to expect from this?

More censorship. More specifically, more censorship for the male gaze. As far as sexy men with six pack abs, they wont bother with that because its fine…because its for women. As you already know, American has been cracking down on things such as anime figures, anime light novels and such because the girls are too sexy.

Now it is true that every country has its restrictions and limitation such as Russia who has banned anime like Naruto and Death Note. However, American companies are really pushing for Japanese companies to become more global however, these Japanese companies do not know how this will end. Take a look at SONY who no longer has a huge influence on Japan. Its a shame because SONY was once the go to company for Japanese people however, ever since SONY decided to go “global” Japan started ignoring them.

By going global, these companies are not thinking about who their customers are. They are just thinking about making more money with first building a name for themselves in those other countries. People like Japanese entertainment for what it is and Japanese companies do not need to change so much to appeal to the masses.

Dragon Ball is super popular all over the world with billions of followers. Dragon Ball anime is owned by Bandai Namco. So they are already global if you think about it. So why did Bandai Namco had to announced that they were going global. Aren’t they already making money from customers worldwide.

That is why this seems like an agenda rather than a business move. Why would they want to change when what they have been doing has been working. Is not like they are trying to new things and testing them. However, time will tell.

As far as the as their logo, it is very unattractive and just looks like a phone messaging app. That was probably their objective but it also points at the fact that they were not thinking about what their company is about.

In the end, if Bandai Namco does the same thing that SONY is doing, they are going to lose more followers.