Brook Fights For His Crew! Release Date & More


After Yamato refuses to join Kaidou, fans want to know how far Kaidou will go to deal with his daughter in One Piece Episode 1043. However, it seems like fans have to wait for the story arc. This is because the upcoming episode will focus on someone’s past, how he dealt with their enemies back then, and how it felt to say goodbye to his old crew. Who could this person be? Keep reading to know more.

The upcoming storyline will focus on the combat between Nico Robin and Black Maria. Well, Black Maria did wrong with Robin by trying to manipulate her and use her emotions against her. But this time, things will turn in Robin’s favor. Above all, fans will learn about Brook’s past and how he deals with his enemies.

One Piece Episode 1043: What Will Happen Next?

The preview of One Piece Episode 1043 hints at the exciting combat scenes between Black Maria and Nico Robin. It also suggests that the upcoming episode will explore the backstory of Brook. It will be anime-original scenes. Fans can expect these anime-only scenes to be as high in quality as their recent scenes. The upcoming episode titled “Slash The Nightmare-Brook Draws His Freezing Sword!”

Back to the present, the Rumbar Pirates will appear in the fog, and their second captain Brook is frightened by the current condition. Although he has joined the new crew, he still remembers his former crew. At this point, Brook is unaffected by the illusions created by Black Maria because he has spent years in Florian Triangle. To save everyone, he draws his sword to attack Black Maria. Soon it will focus on Brook fighting against Black Maria’s cronies.

A Quick Recap!

Kaidou and Yamato continued their fight on the rooftop in the 1042nd episode of One Piece. She officially refused his offer to become Shogun. Elsewhere, Franky attempts to cut Sasaki’s stomach despite his toughness. But Sasaki successfully dodged the attack, and they both continued a swordfight. Sasaki then succeeded in forcing Franky to escape. He then headed to a General Cannon and launched it as Sasaki. Again, Sasaki dodged the attack and charged at the opponent. But in this process, he was forced to use Franky Radical Beam to the stomach.

On the rooftop, Kaidou once again asked Yamato to become Shogun under him. But she refused and started shooting ice at Kaidou. But the former countered the ice shots by using his fire attacks. Inside Onigashima, Robin and Brook walked toward the smog, where Nico Olvia suddenly appeared. Clover and Saul immediately gestured toward Robin. She later reminisced with them but soon recalled that they were mere illusions as they had already died. So she kicked Kunyun, Nure-Onna, and Tenjo Sagari, who embodied these illusions.

One Piece Episode 1043: Release Date

Fans have to wait to see the fate of Luffy as the episode will continue to explore Brook’s story. You will learn it in One Piece Episode 1043, which will air on December 4, 2022, at 9.30 am JST. The local Japanese audience can stream it on Fuji Television Block, while the international audience can catch it on Crunchyroll. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.