Canceled? Will It Ever Return?

Even as the first season continues to air, the news of Oshi No Ko Season 2 renewal is in the air. And the season seems to be in the news for all the right reasons. While the manga was releasing chapter after chapter, the anime’s release was in high demand. And now, a similar case can be seen with the sequel as well. But there is some news from the side of the makers that suggests that a sequel might be in production. To verify the news, here is a brief analysis of the entire storyline for you!

Oshi No Ko, the manga, first came out in April 2021 and reached immense success within a year. The first few chapters of the story were enough to tell the audience that this series was here to stay. Kaguya-Sama fame Aka Akasaka is the writer of this supernatural series. So far, there are a total of eleven volumes in the text. And more is to come as the series continues to release more volumes. So, when is Oshi No Ko Season 2 coming out?

Oshi No Ko Season 2

Oshi No Ko Season 2: Is It Renewed!

On May 24, 2023, social media took to storm after the news of a fan event for Oshi No Ko came out. As per the source, the event is taking place very soon. One of the fans, who is also a part of the working team of the show, came out to mention the news. This was when the rumors of Oshi No Ko Season 2 were sparked. However, the studio hadn’t confirmed the second season back then.

But at the time of writing, the first season has already concluded. Just when the finale of Oshi No Ko was dropped, the studio made the most-anticipated announcement. The credit roll dropped a teaser video announcing Oshi No Ko Season 2. Not only this, but Studio Doga Kobo, the animation studio behind the anime, has also unveiled the first look of the second season. Thus, it’s confirmed that the sequel is happening.

Credit: Studio Dogo Kobo

Official Announcement!

It was on May 24, 2023, that one of the fans of the show went onto Twitter to update that an event was under construction at the working offices of Oshi No Ko. The show has been making waves even before the time it was released. Right as the manga was releasing chapters one after the other, the fans knew that the anime was going to be a surprising hit. Thus, it shall be noted that such events are very common in the anime industry. Makers and studio personnel keep taking the time out to interact and meet with the fans.

This might as well be an event of that kind. However, the leaks and updates have hyped the season all too well. Thus, many believed that Oshi No Ko Season 2 might be announced this time. But the good part is the studio has already renewed the anime for the next season way before the event. In fact, the production team also shared the illustration confirming the sequel announcement.

Production News & Updates

It is Studio Doga Kobo that is behind the animation and production of the latest season. As compared to its contemporaries, this is a very new company in the business. And there have been many shows that came and went from the studio’s floors. After beginning operations in 2007, some of the hit shows from the palette of shows include New Game and Love Lab. One notable point here is the fact that the studio has been very consistent with the kind of shows that it produces.

Every year, the company releases three to four anime after the year. And the good news is that only one show has been announced for 2024. This happens to be Mobius Dust and Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night. This means that there is still time and space for the new season to get an early release date. For all we know, the season might already be in production.

Oshi No Ko Season 2: Reception & Accolades

A quick glimpse at the sales numbers of the show will tell us that Oshi No Ko’s popularity is larger than we know. As of April 2021, the manga was one million copies in circulation. In addition, the number rose to an exponential figure by May 2023. This reached a high number of 8 million copies during this time. As for the anime, the current reception and reach of the show seem to be breaking the ceiling. As per Hidive, the anime was titled to be one of the most successful premieres in the streaming service history.

Now, this is a claim that is bold and sharp. In addition to this, the series also got the rank of number five in AnimeJapan’s ‘Most Wanted Anime Adaptation.’ Speaking of the official numbers of the show, the ratings on all the platforms seem to be decent as of now. All episodes are ranking above 8 stars in many of the slates.

Is There Enough Source Material?

As of writing, there are a total of 124 chapters in the manga. For a frame of reference, the Oshi No Ko manga started in April 2020 under the skillful hands of Aka Akasaka. The artist is known for some of the most famous works of recent times, i.e., Kaguya Sama Love is War. Yen Press’ Young Jump Comics has been publishing the regular chapters of the story since then. So far, there are eleven volumes of the text. And with the anime using 7-8 chapters per episode, there might not be enough material in the coming time.

But the adoption pace and extent seem to be fine right now. With the use of six average chapters in an episode, the season will be done with the content on the 80th chapter. Even after this, there would be more than enough content left for a new season of 12 episodes. And since the manga is a weekly one, there would be enough material when the season is ready for production.

What Will Happen In Season 2?

The overall story of Oshi No Ko is about a young gynecologist and his patient in his first life. However, we then see that this is not a slice-of-life or a coming-of-age story. Instead, we find that a reincarnation story is bound to take place soon. The famous pop star of their generation, Ai, was pregnant at the time when they were around to face a tragic death. Thus, the two of them are reborn as twins to this pop star. Being born and brought up in the entertainment industry, the two have completely different goals in their new life.

The two of them are now working on the mission to find out who their real father is. Another question is about the killer of their mother. Entering the entertainment world is something that they had not expected to be this difficult. And now that they are in it, they find mysterious happenings everywhere around him. While the first season has a cliffhanger ending, it remains difficult to locate the point where the new story will open with ‘The Main Story’ Arc of the show.

In this seventh story arc, the star of the act will be Ruby Hoshino. She had been wanting to become a part of the entertainment industry for the longest time. However, the realities of this industry are something that pulls her away from the art of acting.

Oshi No Ko Season 2: Release Date

With an announcement as such, the chances of getting season 2’s release date increase in all ways. Right now, the fans will be delighted to know that the new season might be in the development phase. Oshi No Ko Season 2 can get a final release date started in the Fall 2024 slate, given the time it takes to animate and produce a season as long. In any case, 2024 is the year when the sequel can come out. This section will be updated as soon as there is any more detail on this. Your only job is to keep an eye on this space for all the updates. Thus, stay tuned to The Anime Daily.