Do Battle in Open Space and Build the Strongest Fleet… the Armada Girls Have Set Sail!

The HTML5 game Armada Girls is now available to play on the G123 gaming platform!

What You Need to Know:

  • Swap blocks to take out enemies! An easy and addicting puzzle game!
    • Armada Girls is an RPG featuring stimulating battles with beautiful girls and simple puzzles. Freely swap blocks of 5 different colors to unleash powerful attacks. Perform massive combos with as many blocks as possible to charge your fleet and annihilate the enemy! Each character possesses unique skills helpful for different challenges in battle. Enjoy an exciting and engaging puzzle experience on G123 with a game that is both casual and easy to play, yet allows you to turn the tables on your opponents with a single, ingenuous move.
  • Build and enhance a fleet of spacefaring warships!
    • As Captain, you will command a fleet of spacefaring vessels—part warship, part beautiful girl—to explore the limitless universe. Choose from five types of vessels for your formations, including battleships and destroyers, each designed according to their individual type and attributes. Whether you wish to build the strongest armada of all or travel through space with your favorite companions, in Armada Girls you can enjoy a life with your vessels that is all your own.
  • Bond with your fleet!
    • Set a vessel as your secretary to handle your affairs and strengthen your bond by interacting with them daily. Emerge victorious in battle to obtain special items to give to your ships, deepening your friendship and unlocking new voice lines as well as new stories.

    Game Information

    Title: Armada Girls
    Genre: Puzzle RPG
    Price: Free-to-play (with in-game purchases)

    What is G123?

    G123 is Japan’s leading HTML5 game service, providing high-quality games based on popular Japanese anime franchises. G123’s exclusive games can be played on mobile, tablet or web browser, with no download or registration required. Games already available in English on the platform include the popular titles Queen’s Blade Limit Break, Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles – Another Tale, Hyakka Ryoran Passion World, and My Isekai Life: Strongest Sage Online!

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