Eugene Challenge! Release Date & More


The fight will take an insane turn when both the fighters focus on their opponent’s weaknesses in Lookism Chapter 422. Well, the manhwa is focused on the skilled people who could fight for Kim. Yohan was there to convince Eugene to join their force, but Eugene’s stubborn behaviour created a massive fight between them. Now let’s see how things will end.

In the 422nd chapter, Yohan and Eugene continue to fight. Yohan will use Eugene’s fighting skills against Eugene. It will be a tough decision. But it is the only way to beat Eugene. However, he won’t allow Yohan to surpass him. The fight will lead to a massive blowout, and now it remains to see who will win the fight.

Lookism Chapter 422: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will be challenging for both opponents. Yohan will recall his master’s words. To defeat Eugene, he needs to imitate him. Yohan should follow his movement to hit him hard. But to use such a technique, he needs to burn some of his muscles. Well, Yohan will go to any extent to win this battle as he doesn’t want his master to look down on him. So he will counterattack Eugene with full force.

Eugene will be confused and wonder what Yohan is up to. However, after watching Yohan’s first move, Eugene realizes he’s following him. So Eugene will use all of his strength to defeat Yohan. Meanwhile, Ryuhei and others will be keen to know who will win the battle. Yohan will continue to attack Eugene to drain his energy. But it will be Yohan’s mistake as it will boost Eugene’s strength, and he will defeat Yohan easily.

A Quick Recap!

In the 421st chapter of Lookism, Kim Jun-gu took 5 million Won from his client to help him deal with the bullies. However, he soon left him as he had other work to do. Kim went to another school to deal with a new case. There he saw Eugene and asked him about the matter. But Eugene revealed that he didn’t need him now. After hearing those words, Kim headed ahead to see the class and found a bunch of students covered in blood on the floor. Eugene had a twin who quickly rushed to hide in his brother’s arms.

Since that day, Eugene decided to focus on a realistic approach. Soon the scene shifted to a battleground. Eugene was fighting against Yohan, one of the strongest opponents. Now it was the time to see who was the strongest among the two. Well, Eugene was known to defeat his enemy in one go without measuring their strength. But it won’t be easy this time. Yohan will give Eugene a tough fight. Well, their main aim was to take Eugene to their guild master. But the fight won’t end now.

Lookism Chapter 422: Release Date

Eugene will use all of his strength to defeat Yohan. But is their fight worthy enough? You will learn in Lookism Chapter 422, which will come out on November 15, 2022. It will be available on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.