Every Season Of The Anime, Ranked

My Hero Academia is one of the most hyped anime around, with its latest season set to wow fans once again. Manga fans are well aware of the significance of the arc that is going to be covered in the anime, which has generated a ton of hype for the events to come. Fans can only wait and see the events that unfold in Season 6 of My Hero Academia.

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While each and every season of My Hero Academia has been pretty brilliant in its own right, there’s no denying that some parts are simply better than others for a host of reasons. While fans are bound to have their favorites, each season of My Hero Academia has episodes and arcs of varying qualities that can definitely be ranked according to how enjoyable and memorable they are.


5/5 Season 5

The latest season of My Hero Academia was a ton of fun to watch in its own right. However, it lacked the high stakes that fans had grown used to over the course of the last few seasons. While the pace did pick up with the League of Villains coming into their own as serious villains with immense powers, this arc came way too late and followed a bunch of inconsequential plotlines and story beats.

Of course, as is the case with any My Hero Academia season, the anime was still packed to the brim with amazing animation and great revelations. Watching Deku control a totally different power in the form of Blackwhip made for a great time, and only time will tell how his powers develop even more. As things stand, he needs to get way more powerful if he wishes to stand a chance against Shigaraki’s evolved powers.

4/5 Season 4

There’s no denying that Season 4 features some of the best story arcs in the series, with the mission to rescue Eri being a massive highlight in an action-packed season that is full to the brim with amazing animation and fight sequences. However, Season 4 is also where the show’s production starts showing some of its limitations, leading to some of the more notable fights in the manga suffering because of either poor artistic choices, overproduced segments, or both.

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Notable instances of these include the slideshow fight after Mirio loses his powers, and the complete lack of sound when Midoriya unwittingly uses 100% of his power in order to save Eri. The former takes away a ton of emotions that arise from Mirio’s valiant efforts to rescue Eri no matter what, while the latter is just a confusing decision where viewers don’t know what is happening until Midoriya narrates the entire chain of events.

3/5 Season 1

The first season of My Hero Academia was half the length of the other seasons in the show, but it needed just a few episodes to get fans hooked on the story. Midoriya might not exactly be a special protagonist with his cliched personality being evident for everyone to see, but he’s definitely a great focal point for an underdog story that will definitely fulfill the power fantasies that many viewers seek out in most shonen anime,

All Might’s introduction is quite great as well, motivating Midoriya to push past his boundaries and hone a body that’s worthy of housing One for All. This led to Midoriya becoming an extremely powerful glass cannon who would become totally ineffective with a single use of his Quirk, with this explosive but damaging power taking center stage during the Entrance Exams when Midoriya shows his qualities as a hero.

2/5 Season 2

It was only a given that My Hero Academia would be shooting for the stars with the strong impression its first season left behind. Fans couldn’t wait to see how Midoriya and the rest of Class 1-A would utilize their powers, and the anime certainly didn’t disappoint in this regard. Sure, Midoriya was still a self-destructive maniac, but he found a new and intelligent way to use his power that wouldn’t cripple him from a single use.

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There are several iconic moments from the show that takes place in the second season, including the amazing fight between Midoriya and Todoroki that was a pure spectacle and delivered in every way. The fact that Midoriya managed to unlock Full Cowl and control the use of One for All was also pretty welcome, with the introduction of Gran Torino also slowly uncovering All Might’s unique and interesting backstory.

1/5 Season 3

Season 3 isn’t just the best My Hero Academia season, but it can also boldly stake the claim of being one of the greatest seasons of anime ever made. The arcs that took place during this season were amazing, fleshing out the backstories of several characters and proving once again why the League of Villains was a group to be feared in the series.

Perhaps the biggest reason why so many fans rate this season highly is because it features All Might’s final superhero battle before his retirement. His fight against All For One is riddled with emotions, and his final blow essentially serves as his passing of the torch to Midoriya. The students also get to shine in the season’s various arcs, with the battle between Midoriya and Bakugo helping the latter’s character evolve in a way that no one could’ve predicted.

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