My Hero Academia’s Kohei Horikoshi Reveals Origin of Anime’s Cutest Scene

My Hero Academia might focus on life-or-death battles in a world populated by superheroes and villains, but it has had more than a few opportunities to give anime fans some adorable moments along the way. While Deku struggled in his earlier years thanks to the fact that he didn’t have a Quirk to call his own, he’s become a clear runner-up to becoming a new symbol of peace and Kohei Horikoshi has revealed new tidbits when it comes to an adorable Izuku scene.    

My Hero Academia is anything but cute based on the current events taking place in both the anime and the manga, with the television series’ sixth season focusing on the Paranormal Liberation War and the manga telling the story of the “Final Arc” that will bring the printed tale to a close. As Midoriya has better learned to harness the power of One For All, the challenges facing Hero Society are putting his powers to the test as the villains attempt to destroy Hero Society. 

An interviewer asked Horikoshi if the mangaka had any experiences that he wrote into the series, with the artist revealing that the adorable scene in which Deku pretended to be All Might to “save” his mother came from his childhood:

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“In Volume 11, when Deku was younger, he and his mom have a scene together where Deku’s mom says, “Help me!” and Deku says “I am here!”. I actually used to do this exact same thing with my mom when I was younger and we played at the park’s playgrounds. We called it the “King of the Jungle.” My mom would go inside the jungle gym at the playground and say, “Please save me, Le,” which is the name that I used to call myself when we played this together. I have that memory of pretending to be Leo and playing with my mom at the playground so I wanted to incorporate that into the story. As a reader, it’s probably a scene that does not hold much meaning, but as for me, I cried while writing that scene.” 

What do you think of the breakdown of this adorable scene from My Hero Academia? Do you think the popular Shonen franchise will get a happy ending following the Final Arc? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy. 

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