Hiromu Arakawa’s Hyakushou Kizoku Manga Inspires Anime

The Hyakushou Kizoku farming-themed essay manga by Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Hiromu Arakawa is getting an anime adaptation. A celebratory illustration from Arakawa was released.

The anime’s announcement comes after the release of the manga’s seventh tankoubon volume on October 22 and the start of the Hiromu Arakawa “Hyakushou Kizoku” x TOKYO NODAI 2022 exhibition on October 14. The exhibition, which is a collaboration with the Tokyo University of Agriculture, will run until March 4, 2023 and features reproduced Hyakushou Kizoku drawings and Arakawa’s “treasured collection,” as well as panels from the university’s faculty, quiz corners, and more. An earlier iteration of the exhibition was held in 2021.

Hyakushou Kizoku began in 2009. It is currently serialized in Shinshokan’s Wings and published under the Wings Comics label. The manga is inspired by Arakawa’s seven years of experience as a farmer in Hokkaido prior to her becoming a manga artist.

Sources: @hyakusho_kizoku, press release

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