Hitsujibungaku, the artist Jujutsu Kaisen S2 ED, captivates its largest audience

Hitsujibungaku, a Japanese alternative rock band, actively contributes music to TV anime. Their songs “more than words” and “Hikaru Toki” were selected as the ending theme for Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 and the opening theme for Heike Monogatari, respectively, earning praise from anime fans for their lyrics and melodies that perfectly complement the anime’s atmosphere.

Hitsujibungaku’s allure lies in its simple yet powerful sound and the profound themes expressed in Shiotsuka’s lyrics. Even on the grand stage of Yokohama Arena, they resonated with a strong sound and captivated the audience with Shiotsuka’s melodious voice.

Yokohama Arena was packed with approximately 12,000 spectators, and as the venue was plunged into darkness, thunderous applause erupted from the audience. After a brief silence, the trio of musicians—guitar, bass, and drums—stirred anticipation with a sonorous note.

As the anticipation reached its peak, they dived into the first song, “Addiction.” When Shiotsuka shouted “Yokohama Arena,” the audience cheered as if they had been waiting for it. The screens divided into three sections, each projecting a larger-than-life image of a band member, reinforcing the grandeur of the venue.

Their popular Christmas Eve song, “1999,” was elevated by an enchanting ambiance created with mirror balls and golden lighting, enhancing the musical experience.

However, if asked about the highlight of the concert, it would undoubtedly be “more than words” and “Hikaru Toki.” As the intro to “more than words” played, the audience erupted into applause. This song, as explained by drummer Hiroa Fukuda in an interview, perfectly embodies Hitsujibungaku’s aim of balancing mainstream and underground, retaining their edgy elements while also resonating with mainstream audiences. Naturally, the audience’s excitement was at its peak during this performance.

In the following song, “Hikaru Toki,” the entire venue responded to Shiotsuka’s expansive vocals, marking the moment of greatest unity between the band members and the audience that day.

When Shiotsuka reappeared for the encore, there were tears in her eyes. Despite stumbling in her speech, she expressed, “It almost feels like someone else’s life. When I entered the venue, I could see all the way to the back, and it felt like people were looking forward to it. Thank you for supporting me.”

In the final song, “Yoru wo Koete,” Shiotsuka sang with her most enchanting voice of the day. As the screen displayed bassist Yurika Kasai, her face reflected deep emotion, yet she played with vigorous intensity. After the song ended, she moved to the corner of the stage, acknowledging the cheers of the audience.

Through anime tie-ups, Hitsujibungaku has been steadily stepping up their game. Please keep an eye on this trio in the future!


April 21, 2024
Hitsujibungaku LIVE 2024 “III”
at Yokohama Arena

[Main Show]
Intro: Yokan
1. Addiction
2. Odoranai
3. Romance
4. 1999
5. honestly
6. mother
7. GO!!
8. Ningen Datta
9. The Youths
10. Mayoiga
11. Eien no Blue
12. Koi-nante
14. more than words
15. Hikaru Toki
16. FOOL

Yoru wo Koete


Setlist playlist of Hitsujibungaku LIVE 2024 “III”

TV anime Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Shibuya Incident ending: more than words

TV anime Heike Monogatari opening: Hikaru Toki

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