The Most Iconic Anime Pets

Pets in anime carry significant roles that go beyond the physicality of being cute. Similar to the real world, pets in anime bear the part of companionship and emotional support. This aspect is critical for both heroes and minor characters in a series. In many ways, anime pets act as an emotional shield providing love and loyalty.

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However, they are not the only ones who provide that love as their owners reciprocate this sentiment. Nonetheless, there are many well-known and fantastic pets in anime, varying in abilities, sizes, and species. Here are ten of the most iconic ones thus far.

The following contains spoilers for various anime, including but not limited to Fullmetal Alchemist, Spy x Family, and Naruto.


Alexander is a dog that is only seen a handful of times in the series. He is a large dog belonging to Nina Tucker, a young girl. While Alexander does not get many scenes in Fullmetal Alchemist, he, along with Nina, plays a significant role in the lives of the anime’s heroes, Edward and Alphonse Elric.

Alexander is Nina’s only friend and vice versa. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when Nina’s father, a deranged alchemist, fuses Nina and Alexander into a chimera in both the manga and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It’s clear that Alexander was there for Nina until the end (quite literally), making him one of the most iconic pets in anime.

9/10 Bond – Spy X Family

Bond Forger has only been recently introduced in the Spy x Family anime. However, his appearance in the manga proves he is one of the most iconic pets. Bond is the Forger family’s pet, but he is no ordinary dog. Bond acquired psychic powers after being used for horrific experiments at a lab that intended to create intelligent animals.

Though he endured terrible abuse, Bond is a kind dog who tends to save children and strangers. This is exactly what got him adopted. After Anya Forger is saved by Bond, she begs her father to adopt Bond. The family eventually does, and Bond becomes quite attached and possessive of them.

8/10 Luna – Sailor Moon

Luna is a talking black cat responsible for triggering the events of the series. Along with the ability to speak, Luna can conjure objects out of thin air. She can also transform into a human at times. Luna is especially interesting because she is no ordinary cat. She is a mentor, originally from the moon.

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While Luna is not exactly Sailor Moon’s pet, she often accompanies her. Technically, though, Luna is Sailor Moon’s guardian cat. She is there to provide her guidance and her loyalty. She also mentors all the Sailor Guardians but predominantly remains closer to Sailor Moon.

7/10 Hawk – 7 Deadly Sins

Hawk remains one of the most iconic pets because he is no ordinary creature. Hawk is a creature that looks like a pig but isn’t the same as one. In actuality, he comes from purgatory and, somewhere along the way, ends up with Meliodas, the main hero of 7 Deadly Sins and the sin of Wrath.

Hawk typically hangs out around Meliodas, so he works at Meliodas’s bar as the ‘custodian.’ His job is to essentially eat the scraps and leftovers of the bar’s customers. Hawk is quite small, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in confidence, frequently boasting about his strength and power.

6/10 Sadaharu – Gintama

Sadaharu is a giant white dog, and originally an Inugami, a Dog God, who was given up by his previous owners because they could no longer care for him. The Yorozuya took him in, and Kagura immediately became attached to the big dog. When he first joined the Yorozuya, he lacked obedience and training. However, as they all grew closer, his behavior subsided.

Sadaharu is incredibly loyal to his family, and though it may not seem like it, he is also quite intelligent. However, the feature that makes him iconic (aside from being a giant fluffy dog) is his tendency to bite people’s heads, whether they are part of the Yorozuya or strangers.

5/10 Puar – Dragon Ball

Puar is a cat-like animal that belongs to Yamcha. Puar is unconditionally loyal to his owner and loves him deeply. The two met when Yamcha was about fourteen-years-old. After that, they became completely inseparable. Anywhere one would find Puar, Yamcha was not far behind.

Additionally, Puar has the ability to shape-shift. However, this power is not the only thing that makes him so unique. Puar is one of the most iconic pets in anime because he has been there for his owner through it all. He watches over Yamcha and expresses concern for him when he gets hurt. Their friendship is quite special to him.

4/10 Akamaru – Naruto

When Akamaru was a puppy, he was small enough that his owner, Kiba Inuzuka, could carry him on his head. However, as he aged, his size grew so large that Kiba could no longer carry him. Instead, Akamaru carried his owner on his back. The bond between the two is especially strong because Kiba had raised Akamaru.

Like many anime owners and their pets, the two can’t live without each other. Akamaru is overprotective and quite possessive of his best friend. He is also there for Kiba whenever he needs him. For example, Akamura kept a lookout as Kiba cheated on his exam. Needless to say, Akamaru is extremely loyal to his owner.

3/10 Pikachu – Pokemon

It goes without saying that Pikachu is one of, if not the most, recognized pets in anime. However, the most known and iconic Pikachu is the one that belongs to Ash Ketchum. Their relationship is so strong and full of love that it is almost impossible to believe it didn’t start that way.

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Pikachu is not only cute and loyal, but he is also quite powerful. As an electric Pokémon, Pikachu has the ability to yield electricity. This power and his friendly personality (and strong bond with his owner) make Pikachu one of the most iconic anime pets.

2/10 Happy – Fairy Tail

Happy is one of the most iconic pets in anime, and this is not just due to his vibrant blue color. He is an exceed who belongs to Natsu Dragneel, a mage from the Fairy Tail guild. Happy is just as his name describes. He is optimistic and loyal to his family and has the ability to fly.

Happy also tends to copy or imitate Natsu because of his love and loyalty to him. However, he carries a lot of sass and attitude in his tiny body, making him the perfect anime pet. Happy has gone on many adventures with Natsu, some more dangerous than others, and he has continuously watched over his best friend.

1/10 Frosch – Fairy Tail

Like Happy, Frosch is an Exceed belonging to Rogue, a mage from the Sabertooth guild. This also implies that Frosch is a part of the Sabertooth guild as well. Frosch is never given a specific gender. Frosch is small and green, always wearing a pink suit resembling a frog.

Similar to Happy, Frosch can fly. However, unlike Happy, Frosch is not independent or sassy. When Frosch gets lost in one episode, the Exceed tries its best to make it back home. However, Frosch is so innocent and dependent on Rogue that it takes them quite a while to return. There was no reason to worry as Rogue kept his eye on his little friend from afar, despite this hurting him because he could not help him.

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