Ikebukuro is getting a new anime complex in October 2023

Akihabara is widely known for being the mecca of all things anime and manga in Tokyo, but Ikebukuro is fast becoming a close second. It’s home to Animate Ikebukuro, one of the biggest anime stores in the world, and later this month, it’s getting another attraction catering to anime lovers. 

Photo: Runa Akahoshi施設外観

The new Anime Tokyo Station is set to open on October 31, 2023. It’s a facility designed to promote anime through special events and exhibitions. While there’s not much information for now, we do know that Anime Tokyo Station will span across three floors. The first level is the Community Floor, where you’ll be greeted by a symbolic monument. You can also expect workshops to be held here regularly. 

The second floor will have an exhibition showcasing some of the latest and most popular anime, as well as pop-up shops selling anime merchandise. The basement, which has been dubbed the Collection Floor, is where you can peruse animation videos, audio and cels that are in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s collection.

For more updates on Anime Tokyo Station, check the website.

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