Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun S2 Ep 7

Fumiya found himself just in a boatload of nerves when it comes to getting snapshots for his assignment, and hilariously so!

He was certainly not subtle about it, as Minami definitely sensed something is amiss with the way Fumiya been awkwardly suggesting things that isn’t atypical of him. Like eating out together, and then weirdly taking a thousands picture of her while she’s eating the ramen (because he was too flustered to take one, and even forgot to ask– and sure enough they were all blurry).

It was hysterical to see how he was freaking out and trying to weigh his options so he doesn’t come off looking like a creep. Though in a way he kinda of did because it would have just made his life a lot easier if he had simply just been straight-forward with Minami about it as he later did with Tama. I think Minami would have been more than willing to help out with that, and probably would have had some fun ideas to go with it too. However she was definitely trying to get a read of things, whether Fumiya is attracted to her or not, as he was completely oblivious to the concept of an “indirect kiss”, which if I had to make any guess, was what ticked Minami off a bit when he had mustered up the courage to accept the dumpling she had offered him. I think she knows he would have ordinarily refused it, had there not been another reason for it.

Minami also seems to be quite perspective that there’s definitely chemistry between Fuuka and Fumiya, because god damn it, they look so good standing up there together. It probably makes her anxious because it does appear that Minami has been developing some feelings toward Fumiya. I think it’s something that she became a lot more conscious of ever since she did that playful headbutt, only for the whole situation to have this weird tension in air when they realize how close they were to each other. Perhaps it was around then when the idea of being more than friends with Fumiya suddenly appeared in her mind, and the awkward and dreadful feeling of being left out seemed to have just started budding.

Meanwhile on Fuuka’s side of things, she was so cute this episode. The way she blushed when she realized she had accidentally given him the incomplete story of “My Unfamiliar Way to Fly”, the one she cherishes most, but also the one she’s the most self-conscious of. Thankfully it also happened to be the story Fumiya was the most invested in, loving it to the point he was surprised when he saw it was incomplete. It was so good, that he even asked her if perhaps she’d be okay with using this for the class play (which Fumiya had earlier suggested during the committee meeting that they go with an original story rather than the cliche Romeo and Juliet).

For that reason, I have to hand it to Fuuka for mustering her courage to agree to being responsible as the writer, and using one of her most precious stories for the class play. She had mentioned to Fumiya that her former self wouldn’t have agreed to it, but she has been inspired by him to leap from her lonely world into a much bigger one that she would like to see too.

All that is good and well at the moment, but I’m sure there’s certainly going to be a certain amount of pressure to meet a deadline of finishing it because it has yet to be completed. It’s the one story Fuuka has yet to finish because she is scared of writing the ending, so I hope everything goes well. I feel like things can get potentially messy with the whole mission going on, and perhaps the underlining theme that is to be in Fuuka’s story– something which Fumiya had observed to be consistent among her stories, so we’ll have to see what that is.

And finally, as I was watching the episode, it finally clicked to me that Aoi had most likely timed this mission to be in sync with the culture festival for the purpose to have Fumiya confess to someone by the end of it. That’s why she is constantly pestering him about whether he had decided on who he wanted to date yet. But I don’t really like that there’s a deadline for this, especially since I fear the fallout of him being unsure of what to do, and forcing himself along for the sake of completing the mission over acting upon his genuine feelings.

Next week will be a change of pace it seems with the way Mizusawa got two tickets to go Gumi (their co-worker’s) school culture festival. It’s an all girls school, so Fumiya is definitely going to be out of his element when he goes along with him. Not sure if Mizusawa had seen the to-do list on his phone, but I suspect he already got the gist of what’s going on even if he didn’t fully see the contents. After-all, Fumiya has been glued to his phone lately and lost in thoughts, ahahaha!