Solo Leveling Episode 7: Who Is The ‘Mysterious’ Man In The End?

With the most gruesome, bloody, and heinous fight, Solo Leveling has just raised the bar with its previous episode. There’s no denying that the sixth episode was one of the best episodes of the anime. However, viewers are curious to know about the mysterious man. Will Solo Leveling Episode 7 answer this mystery? Things are getting heated up for Jinwoo as the anime’s biggest antagonist returns to take down the solo leveler. But will this rivalry end Jinwoo’s life? Is he safe? Keep reading to know that!

Solo Leveling Episode 7: S-Rank Hunter Enters The Picture To Avenge

After the final battle, Solo Leveling Episode 6 featured a mysterious man, which left everyone surprised. That’s because the person’s entry and Sung Jinwoo’s rebel journey seem to have some connection. And that’s right! The anime enthusiasts might remember that Jinwoo had killed the group leader, Hwang Dongsuk, and his party in the previous episode. While it appears as the one side of the story, Manhwa hints that it will plant a seed of the most-anticipated rivalry, which will start spreading its feathers in Solo Leveling Episode 7.


This is because the mysterious man is none other than the notorious S-Rank Hunter, Hwang Dongsoo. He is Dongsuk’s younger brother, who has just met his end. As per the Manhwa, Dongsoo is also a S-Rank Hunter. But he left his country to relocate to America. It later created problems between the brothers, and Dongsuk died without dissolving the grudges. Now, when in Solo Leveling Episode 7, Dongsuk’s younger brother learns about his demise, he will return to South Korea to avenge his brother’s death.

But it will take a lot of work! This is because the hunters who had witnessed the gruesome scene have already died, except Jinho. And since Jinho is impressed by Jinwoo’s strength and respects him a lot as the weak Hunter has saved the D-rank hunter’s life, he won’t spit the truth. Thus, it will only complicate things for Dongsoo to uncover the mystery behind his brother’s death. However, it will be a matter of time only!

Solo Leveling Episode 7
Solo Leveling, Crunchyroll

That’s because Solo Leveling Episode 7 will explain more about the System and how it will set a face-off between Dongsoo and Jinwoo. Since System is the one who has pushed Jinwoo to a killing spree, it might give Jinwoo another task to take down his biggest enemy. If that happens, it will bring the two rivals face-to-face. And perhaps, Dongsoo will also learn about his brother’s demise.

But Manhwa Suggests This Revenge Would Be A Long Road

While Solo Leveling Episode 7, “Let’s See How Far I Can Go,” hints at the mysterious man’s arrival. It doesn’t seem like he will learn about his brother’s demise right away. But Manhwa suggests that once he discovers the truth, he will travel back to South Korea to hunt down his brother’s killer- Jinwoo. The readers know Hwang Dongsoo as an egotistical, self-serving, and murderous individual who doesn’t care about human life.

While this might pose a significant threat to Jinwoo, the weak Hunter might gain enough strength to take down his enemy easily. Although it won’t happen in Solo Leveling Episode 7, the ultimate showdown between the two might see Jinwoo overpowering Dongsoo and killing him with the same style he had slain his brother. However, the arc won’t wrap up just yet! So, be prepared to see the most notable fights of Solo Leveling.

A Quick Recap!

We last saw Sung Jinwoo and D-rank Hunter Jinho being trapped in the C-rank Dungeon. However, with his expertise and newfound fighting strength, Jinwoo defeated the dungeon boss and impressed Jinho, who once doubted Jinwoo’s strength. But the situation got tense soon when Hwang Dongsuk and his group returned. Well, it only became possible when Dongsuk learned about Jinho’s true identity. But in order to protect him, Dongsuk offered Jinho to kill Jinwoo and join their party.


However, the D-rank Hunter refused to accept the offer and fell prey to Dongsuk’s tactics. But just then, Jinwoo learned about the leader’s scheme. He charged an attack and killed his entire group, who tried to betray him. Although he killed the sly man, he had opened the door for bigger and deadliest threats. That was because the episode ended with a mysterious man who appeared to pose a danger to Jinwoo in the upcoming episodes.

Solo Leveling Episode 7: Release Date

The forthcoming episode, “Let’s See How Far I Can Go,” will focus more on Jinwoo’s journey. Catch it on Solo Leveling Episode 7, February 18, 2024, at midnight JST. The anime will air on Tokyo MX in Japan. Meanwhile, it will air on Crunchyroll on Saturday, February 17. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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