Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s 5th Album “Fly with You!!” to Release on October 4!

  • Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club will release their 5th album “Fly with You!!” on October 4, 2023
  • Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club is a spin-off project of the Love Live! series, and up until now, all of its members have released songs that showcase their unique personalities as solo idols. This time, the theme of the album is “love songs.” “Fly with You!!” will feature a total of 13 tracks, including 12 solo songs that reflect the romantic views of each of the 12 members. A preview video has been released.
  • Lyric videos will also be produced for each of the 12 solo songs. From the album’s release on October 4 up until their 6th live on December 20, one lyric video will be released every week for 12 consecutive weeks. Please look forward to these collaborations between each of the members and talented up-and-coming creators!
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    Release Schedule

    October 4
    Walking Dream
    Singer: Ayumu Uehara (CV: Aguri Onishi)
    Creater: Mouishida (@mou14da)

    October 11
    Singer: Kasumi Nakasu (CV: Mayu Sagara)
    Creator: Syamo.G (@syamoij_0114)

    October 18
    Koakuma LOVE♡
    Singer: Shizuku Osaka (CV: Kaori Maeda)
    Creator: Sena Makino (@3329h0rned0w1)

    October 25
    My Shadow
    Singer: Karin Asaka (CV: Miyu Kubota)
    Creator: Oreo (@Oreo0789)

    November 1
    Request for U
    Singer: Ai Miyashita (CV: Natsumi Murakami)
    Creator: Aise Manami (@AiseManami)

    November 8
    Cooking with Love
    Singer: Kanata Konoe (CV: Akari Kito)
    Creator: Palf / Ojima Kaito (@PALF_MovieWorks)

    November 15
    Cherry Bomb
    Singer: Setsuna Yuki (CV: Coco Hayashi)
    Creator: Sisyamo (@sisyamondaaa)

    November 22
    Koisuru Sunflower
    Singer: Emma Verde (CV: Maria Sashide)
    Creator: Kon-iro (@kon7iro)

    November 29
    Watashi wa Magnet
    Singer: Rina Tennoji (CV: Chiemi Tanaka)
    Creator: Roly (@yosinO_mo)

    December 6
    Singer: Shioriko Mifune (CV: Moeka Koizumi)
    Creator: SHIG (@s_nexts)

    December 13
    Singer: Mia Taylor (CV: Shu Uchida)
    Creator: Mizuki (@mzk_i6)

    December 20
    Singer: Lanzhu Zhong (CV: Akina Homoto)
    Creator: Kuroremon (@remonziru0317)

    Product Information

    5th Album “Fly with You!!”
    Release Date: October 4
    Limited Edition: LACA-35070 / ¥5,500 (excl. tax)
    Regular Edition: LACA-25070 / ¥3,500 (excl. tax)

    1. Walking Dream
    Lyrics by miyakei
    Composed by DAICHI and Keisuke Koyama
    Arranged by Keisuke Koyama

    2. Senobishitatte
    Lyrics by Akira Sunset
    Composed by Akira Sunset and Kanata Saito
    Arranged by Naoki Endo

    3. Koakuma LOVE♡
    Lyrics, composition, and arrangement by Ayumu Nakamura and Hiroto Kikuchi

    4. My Shadow
    Lyrics by Carlos K.
    Composed and arranged by Yusei Koga and Carlos K.

    5. Request for U
    Lyrics, composition, and arrangement by Ayumu Nakamura and Hiroto Kikuchi

    6. Cooking with Love
    Lyrics by miyakei
    Composed and arranged by
    Lyrics: Carlos K.; Composition, Arrangement: Yusei Koga, Carlos K.

    7. Cherry Bomb
    Lyrics by Ereka Suzuki
    Composed by Ereka Suzuki and oni
    Arranged by oni

    8. Koisuru Sunflower
    Lyrics, composition, and arrangement by Ko Iwano, Yuki Kato, Koki Yokota

    9. Watashi wa Magnet
    Lyrics by Ereka Suzuki
    Composed and arranged by Luis Ogata

    10. Koufukuron
    Lyrics by Ryota Saito
    Composed by Ryota Saito and Takayuki Yoshimura
    Arranged by Takayuki Yoshimura

    11. Lemonade
    Lyrics by Konnie Aoki
    Composed by Carlos K.
    Arranged by Gustav Mared

    12. 5201314
    Lyrics, composition, and arrangement by Chibanyan

    13. Fly with You!!
    Lyrics by Ayaka Miyake
    Composed and arranged by oni and PASSiON KiNG

    Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Profile

    The Love Live! series portrays high school girls striving to fulfill their dreams through school idol activities under the theme of “A story of realizing our dreams together.” Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, which was launched in 2017, depicts the story of school idols’ solo activities through smartphone apps, TV anime, and live events.

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