Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 10

This episode was PAIN. I expected things to get chaotic this episode, but I wasn’t expecting anything like THIS. We knew that ??? was going to go on a rampage since it always does when it awakens, destroying everything in its path whether it be friend or foe. And man… I didn’t expect to get so many Teru feels this episode, but that’s what I got. As if I didn’t already really love Teru, this episode made me love him even more. Poor guy is just CONSTANTLY getting beat downs in almost every fight he takes part in. I felt like I was just super tense the entire episode out of concern at what was happening and for Teru’s sake.

It’s honestly really heartbreaking seeing ??? destroy everything that’s around it while Mob is blissfully unaware. Especially since we know that Mob will be absolutely devastated once he learns just how much destruction and terror through out the city. Especially since he’s literally hated his powers because of how destructive they can be. Though I’m really concerned whether or not people’s perspective will change towards him now that this has happened and if the government will seek to confine him due to viewing him as too dangerous to be out in public. Mob is literally named after what you would call a “mob character,” someone that doesn’t get the spotlight and someone that just blends into the crowd. So now that’s he’s drawing attention to himself from everyone in town due to this destructive rampage, I haven’t a clue as to what will become of his public image.

Because of how powerful and unpredictable ??? is, it feels like it’s almost futile to go against it. So when Teru took up the mantle to try and talk Mob out of it, I was incredibly scared for him. We’ve already seen first hand what ??? did to Teru back in season 1, who is to say it won’t end the same way… to which it basically did. Teru is a true homie with him trying to talk things out with Mob to understand why he’s going berserk like this. While we know this only happened because he got hit by a car, it still hurt to see Teru trying to reach out to him because he thinks Mob is hurting emotionally. It just makes the situation all the more messed up because this didn’t come about because of Mob’s emotions and was something that happened out of his control. Though it is interesting how ??? is still somewhat honoring Mob’s forefront wishes of seeing Tsubomi, even going as far as to protect the bouquet he was going to give her. But also I highly doubt she would want to see Mob like this.

Despite ???’s overwhelming power, Teru is still desperately trying to snap him out of it. And aw man, I love the details of him being scared with him holding his own hand to stop it from shaking and then shaking his head as if contemplating of just running away. However, he stands firm because he wants to help his friend. TERUUUUUUUU!!! TAT Mob helped him snap out of his own ego, so now he’s willing to try and snap him out of whatever is ailing him in return. It’s almost like “what goes around, comes around,” but in a more positive sense. Teru has learned to accept himself without powers and it’s true that he definitely seems more confident and relaxed because of that acceptance. He isn’t throwing his weight around anymore or trying to belittle others so he can feel like he’s the “big man on campus.” He’s more comfortable just being himself without using his powers to do everything and will only use them if necessary. And because he isn’t so focused on himself anymore, he is more aware of how others are feeling. Which is why he’s trying so hard to be there for Mob and stop him because he knows that’s what Mob would want. Even bringing up the fact of how alone Mob must have felt during their first encounter and ended up crying by himself. UGH, I love Teru so much. T^T

I legit was afraid if Mob actually killed those people since we know that he would live with that regret for the rest of his life. We already know that it was a traumatic event for him to wake up and find Ritsu on the ground bleeding. I can’t even imagine how he would feel if he had woken up to find several corpses in his wake. I am SO GLAD that Teru was actually able to protect everyone from him. And while he may have lost the battle overall, he was able to prevent Mob from hurting these people. Even sending them to somewhere safe despite having lost consciousness. Instead of thinking of himself and the state he was in, he was thinking about everyone else, pushing himself to the absolute limit for everyone else’s sake. That’s some fantastic character development.

With the way things are going, it seems as if everyone is going to come together to try and stop Mob. Especially when literally all of his friends happen to see an image of him going on a rampage. And we know that one of the major themes of this series is community and having people by your side to help you when you’re in need. And in this case, stop you when you’re about to do something you regret. Even bringing in characters I honestly didn’t expect to see again. I was SHOCKED to see Suzuki come back. Out of all the characters that have gone up against Mob, he was the one who was the most formidable and nearly gotten the best of him. Though we don’t know how much of a chance he stands against ??? since we’ve only seen him go against 100% Mob. However, if anyone is to combat Mob, Suzuki is definitely the person to do it. I’m also curious to see just how much he’s changed since we last saw him since he did seem to start turning over a new leaf after Mob saved his life. So I’m eager to see how this confrontation will go and if Suzuki will do anything besides use his powers against Mob.

Also, oh my gosh, I didn’t recognize Koyama because he dyed his hair back and didn’t have all his piercings. Probably for the sake of finding a job as I’m sure no one would hire him looking like he did. I didn’t recognize him until he started speaking. XDDDD And despite it being a small scene overall, I still felt proud of him despite just working at a convenience store, Koyama actually wants to give his customers the best products he can and doesn’t feel good to give them something sub par with a smile. That’s still a good bit of development for him considering how he was in season 1 where he literally beat up middle school kids. Good to see both him and Sakurai taking strides to give back to society rather than looking down on it. Even going as far as to protect the store that basically gave them a chance to integrate back into society from ???. I don’t think they stand a chance, but I really hope they are somehow able to prevent ??? from destroying the store for both of their sakes. Especially since it would feel like their change didn’t matter if they just end up losing what they had after deciding to get real jobs.

Thinking about it, this season literally has just been callbacks to season 1 to show just how much has changed since then. Like with what happened with Dimple and his brainwashing scheme surrounding the cult and how the Telepathy Club all came together to do something rather than continue wasting their time away. And then this episode calls back a lot of things to when Mob and Teru had their first encounter down to Teru being in his school uniform just like when they first met. Even going as far as to have their circumstances swapped. Such as with how Mob was choking Teru at one point where he brought up the fact that Mob wasn’t supposed to use his psychic powers against others. Teru even calls Mob pretty average, just like what Mob told him in season 1. Poor Teru was even stripped down naked and shaved again which back in season 1 we laughed at him, but in this episode we weep. He even pounded on Mob’s chest in a feeble attempt to try and wake him up, similarly to how Mob lightly punched Teru in the face when Teru was choking him. Mob even told Teru to use all of his power to fight and stop him, something Teru pleaded for Mob to do. But instead of using his power against him, he used it to save all the people instead. Teru, you’ve come so far. T^T

I love seeing how far characters have come since their first appearances and this episode gave me A LOT. Teru absolutely stole the spotlight this episode and I couldn’t be prouder for how much change he’s gone through since his first appearance. But man this episode was STRESSFUL. Looks like next episode is probably going to touch upon Ritsu and Mob’s relationship and show how much it’s grown from Ritsu being afraid of Mob. And with how Suzuki is coming in hot and Koyama and Sakurai trying to fend off ???, former Claw looks like they’re going to be involved. Which makes sense since Ritsu’s arc bled into the first Claw arc in the first season. This arc really do be feeling like the series finale with how many things are being brought up from past seasons. I honestly can’t wait to see what else these final couple episodes will bring even if they’ll most likely hurt. Especially since Mob can literally only watch as ??? destroys everything in his wake and having to witness the people he cares get hurt because of him.