8 Anime Similar To James Bond

James Bond has come to an end. After the movie No Time To Die, agent 0007 met his end


James Bond is dead in his last movie. Of course all tough male characters have to be killed and then replaced by a female lead character that no one is going to be interested in.

It is no longer a conspiracy theory that Hollywood is out to eliminate all strong male leads. Its all part of the collapse of western entertainment. As people flee the western entertainment apocalypse they will be searching for other means of entertainment whether if its in movies, comic books, music or whatever.

This is only going to make anime more of a popular option because its not inundated with western propaganda or agendas.

Since James Bond is over and Hollywood is getting ready to pitch the new 007 that no one will be interested in, here are some anime that are similar to James Bond, agent 007. While nothing beats the original, you can definitely get similar vibes and espionage from these anime.

Case Close

A long running anime and manga from the 1990s. Detective Conan: Case Close. Conan has been at it since he was a kid and he even met Sherlock Holmes in one episode. This was one of the mystery anime ever made. Conan also has a second series when he is all grown up.

Cowboy Bebop

This is a little more James Bond. Spike Seigel is…for lack of a better phrase, the ghetto James Bond. Spike is a bounty hunter but he does do some investigation and sleuthing to find his targets which is what James Bond does. On top of that you get some real Jet Kun Do action because Spike knows Bruce Lee’s fighting style. Spike and his friends have gone through all kinds of adventures. From Casino battles to space battles and more. If you like James Bond then you will like Cowboy Bebop. Although, Spike is not as smooth with the ladies as James Bond.

Lupin The Third

1970s classic anime. Lupin and his team search for treasure. You have probably heard this name in rap lyrics. Either way, this classic anime have a bit of a James Bond except Lupin is a thief. Although he is a not here to save the day, the action will definitley take you away. Its a classic that not many people talk about tbut many do remember


Chizuko Mikamo started living with her aunt and uncle after her parents died. She despites her aunt and uncle because she knows very well that they are trying to kill her so that they can get the money of her inheritance. It turns out that her butler was a world famous thief who was also there to steal Chizuko’s inheritance money.
This anime is a bit of a roller coaster with our unfortunate heroine Chizuko. Later on, she joins her butler, the thief who is know as Twenty Faces and becomes a thief herself.

Black Lagoon

Andy Arts TV has recommended Black Lagoon countless times. The main character is Revy a Chinese American and unlike other female characters being pushed by Hollywood, now a days, Revy is not your average male hating feminist. She is the definition of a bad ass woman who takes shit from nobody. You are probably wondering how is this similar to James Bond with a female lead. Easy. Guns…lots of guns.

Black Lagoon are a mercenary group that take on missions and yes there is some espionage. They take various clients but the Black Lagoon Company has a particularly friendly relationship with Russian gangsters.

Death Note

There has never been a better mystery anime than Death Note. Light Yagami is an anti hero. If you like solving crimes and mysteries then this is the show for you. If you like James Bond with a little magic added then you need to watch this.

Light Yagami is a one of the top students in Japan. Girls want him and he has a great future ahead of him. When he stumbles upon the Death Note, he decides to take crime fighting into his own hands. Light can kill people with his Death Note and no one knows who he is or where to find him until the world greatest detective named “L” finally figured him out.

This anime is the biggest mind battle you will ever see in your life.


This story starts with cyborg 009-1, a female spy. The story takes place during a 140 year cold war between the east and the west so its pretty futuristic. 009-1 works as an agent for the western bloc intelligence organization.
This is pretty similar to James Bond with a futuristic spin. Of course it has to take place in the future because its anime.

Ghost In The Shell

Again, another James Bond type of anime that takes place in the future. Ghost in the Shell, the critical acclaim scifi anime. Many of the scenes in the Matrix was inspired by Ghost in the Shell. Much like 009-1, Major is a cyborg female spy. She is the assault team leader of public security section 9.

Although James Bond is straight forward action, Ghost is the Shell has that same type of gun action however, it goes into a deeper philosophy about the soul and machines.

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