Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 7

With how insane the last arc was, it feels weird to go from absolute emotional turmoil to silly school shenanigans. Though we probably did need a breather from all that. But man, while Mob was subconsciously mourning Dimple for a month, as viewers, we weren’t able to fully mourn Dimple’s sacrifice. So the fact that it feels like they’re moving on so fast did hurt a little. Though I guess it’s a difficult situation since Dimple wiped the memory of what happened. So it makes sense why they aren’t talking about what transpired and was quick to move on from it. However, it does seem like they’re setting something up with this episode despite it seeming pretty tame and silly.

I didn’t realize that Tome was a third year. For some reason I thought she was a second year like Mob. Taking that into perspective, Tome really did end up wasting all of her time in the club just lazing around doing nothing productive. Letting time slip by her without doing what she actually wanted to do. Which, is something that I feel like a lot of people can relate to. While lazing around and doing whatever we want to is nice, it ends up not being the thing that makes us happy in the end. Especially when you realize so much time has passed and you did nothing with it. Oof… That hits a little too close to home. Anyways, I do admit that it’s sad that none of the others actually shared her passion from the getgo and was mostly just there to goof off. Though I have to give them credit for wanting to help cheer her up by actually trying to find telepaths to try and communicate with UFO’s. They easily could have just brushed it off and continued with whatever they were doing. So I’m glad that while they’re not that interested in it, they still went out of their way to try and make Tome happy. Which is what good friends would do and I respect them for that.

They of course go to Mob for help on the situation and Ritsu ends up enlisting the twins from the research facility to help since they’re telepaths. Unfortunately, their power only really works between the two of them so they can’t really help with the interacting with UFO plan. But they agreed to help in searching for a telepath that could help. Mob helps to amplify the radius of how far the “noise” they make can reach and I was a tad worried just how far it would reach due to Mob’s tremendous power. And wouldn’t you know it, the guy who actually quit the Telepathy Club in the first place was actually a telepath. Ironic really. We only saw him for a split second when the Telepathy Club had to disband, so it’s interesting that they actually brought him back.

But oh my gosh, I CACKLED so hard when it showed the other telepaths in the area being effected by the “noise” Mob and the twins were emitting in the mid-episode card.

While it’s pretty late in the game to be introducing more characters, I do find Takenaka to be fairly interesting. Though it may or may not be because he has the accursed middle part in his haircut that I’m drawn to >_>. He’s essentially Anya from Spy x Family where he hears what people are thinking without wanting to. When he was talking about how he said aloud what his dad was thinking one time, I can only suspect that his parents’ marriage was strained for one reason or another and once it came to light, might have ended up in divorce considering how that scene was laid out. Which could have been the tipping point to his cynicism of the disconnect of how people act and say on the outside as opposed to what they are actually thinking. It was actually pretty unsettling with how he’d project his thoughts into people’s heads, especially when he would do it sometimes to release stress. Though I guess it would stress you out if you could hear a bunch of peoples’ thoughts against your will. So it really is no surprise that he would want to completely shut out his powers so he wouldn’t have to constantly suffer hearing things he shouldn’t.

Funnily enough he actually joined the Telepathy Club to find kindred spirits, someone he could relate to. Only to find him in a club of slackers who weren’t actually interested in telepathy. It’s sad to think of how lonely this guy most likely is and I love that Mob was able to relate to him. While his situation may not be exactly like Takenaka, Mob still understands and related to finding his psychic power as a detriment. However, unlike Takenaka, Mob has accepted them as a part of himself and uses them to help others. Something he learned back in season 2 and love that he’s able to relay those feelings to Takenaka. Season 1 Mob could never. I’m so proud at how dependable Mob has gotten T^T. He’s come so far!

And as much as depressed as having to disband the Telepathy Club made her, Tome still ended up showing up at the meeting place despite explicitly telling them she wasn’t going and ignored their phone calls. Though she is pretty lucky that the guys ended up showing up after all since they were only going to Mt. Mud Boat just for her. But man, I DIED at how the timing ended up being perfect for both sides as both Reigen and Takenaka ended up accidentally sleeping in and showed up late. Though Reigen dodged a bullet since he made it two minutes before Mob and the others showed up. I totally called that he probably just got there himself and lost it when it cut to him sweating and out of breath from having rushed over XDDDDD.

But man, the tension between Tome and Takenaka is pretty obvious. Considering he’s the one who drove the Telepathy Club to disbandment in the first place, it’s understandable that Tome most likely holds a lot of resentment towards him. Not to mention, there’s no way she’d believe he’s actually a telepath considering he quit. Hopefully he’ll make it up to her when the time comes. There’s some obvious set up going on, but for what, I have no idea.

This episode was definitely a needed breather from what transpired in the last several episodes. But they definitely are laying the groundwork for some interesting things to happen, especially with the introduction of Takenaka. He’s a pretty intriguing character and I do hope he sticks around and isn’t just relegated to a one time character. Though that may just be my middle-part hairstyle bias talking. There were also a lot of nice characters moments through out the episode as well with Mob and even with Reigen who won’t have to spend New Years Eve alone. This definitely felt like a pretty silly episode with just how much I cackled through out, but I’m sure there’s a big surprise waiting in the end.