One Piece Merch – 3 Must Haves

One Piece, the 1000+ episode anime series watched by millions. In the anime community, it’s said that One Piece is among the big three for old gen anime, matched with Naruto and Dragon ball. It’s likely due to the amazing sense of adventure throughout the series which has captivated fans for over 20 years.

Its popularity which One Piece brings to the anime community has created a high demand for One Piece merch. Over the course of 2 decades, countless One Piece merchandise has been made available. With so many One Piece products out there, it may be difficult to decide what and where to buy from. We’ve found what we believe are 3 must have One Piece products, from the best online anime merch store.

Our 3 One Piece product suggestions are found at Anime Is Luv, an online store that specializes in anime products. With over 1200 products from 14+ anime series, customers can find high quality apparel and merch for reasonable prices. Not to mention, free shipping and online customer chat support makes for a good customer experience. 

# 1 – Luffy Wanted Poster Hoodie

Monkey D. Luffy, commonly known as “Straw Hat Luffy” is the main character of One Piece. Since Luffy’s early childhood he had dreamt of becoming a pirate, heavily influenced by “Red-Haired Shanks”, a famous pirate. Luffy’s face has become one of the most recognizable anime characters today.

Over the span of 2 decades and against all odds, Luffy has grown into a menacing pirate. Throughout Luffy’s adventures he has created countless enemies. So much so that bounties have been set upon his and his crew’s head. Luffy’s most recent bounty is that of 500,000,000 berries, wanted dead or alive. This makes him one of the most wanted pirates in the entire world.

We’ve found what we believe is the perfect One Piece hoodie, featuring Luffy’s “Wanted Poster”. Found at Anime Is Luv, the hoodie is without a doubt, a One Piece fan favorite.

The hoodie features Luffy’s “Wanted Poster”. As previously mentioned, the poster indicates Luffy is wanted dead or alive, with a reward of 500,000,000 berries. On the poster is also Luffy’s familiar ear to ear smile. For those unaware, Luffy’s doesn’t only smile because he is an outgoing young man, but because his smile is representative of his toughness when faced with the enemy. Luffy doesn’t want his crew to worry about him, so he always puts on a cheerful smile, allowing them to believe he’ll be alright.

The hoodies found at Anime Is Luv are made of a comfortable cotton blend and designed with anime fans in mind. If you interested in Luffy’s Wanted Poster hoodie, you may also be interested in the “Wanted Poster” hoodie collection; featuring other characters such as Zoro, Nico Robin, Sanji, Nami, and more!

#2 – Zoro Inspired One Piece T-Shirt’s

Just as Luffy is, Roronoa Zoro is one of the most popular anime characters to date. Commonly referred to as Zoro, he is Luffy’s best friend and crewmate. Interestingly enough, Zoro was once a pirate hunter before he joined forces with Luffy.

Zoro is a skilled swordsman, who evented his own sword style called Santōryū, more commonly known as “Three Sword Style”. His sword style permits him to hold one sword in each hand, and one with his mouth.

Anime Is Luv offers some amazing Zoro inspired t-shirts, and we’ve chosen what we consider two of the boldest designs.

The first t-shirt showcases a hyper realistic design of Zoro with his 3 swords. Standing strong as always, behind Zoro is a picturesque Japanese design of a temple and sunset.

The second t-shirt from Anime Is Luv showcases Zoro with one eye opened and a badass scare across the other. Zoro’s left eye was scared while he was training with Dracule Mihawk. However, post time skip, Zoro is never seen opening his left eye. It’s an unsolved mystery to why Zoro keeps his left eye shut, however many have theorized. A popular theory is that a hidden power lies beneath his left eye, and when opened, the power is unleashed. Most believe it is a Haki power. Another theory is that of Ocular Dominance, a phenomenon in which Zoro’s right eye is exponentially better in tracking and seeing than the other. There is certainly a great backstory behind our second t-shirt recommendation.

On the backside of both t-shirts is Zoro’s Jolly Roger, a skull with one eye closed and 3 swords. A Jolly Roger is the symbol which a pirate uses to identify himself at sea. However, Zoro’s Jolly Roger has been combined with a Japanese nature design, giving the shirt a little more class while maintaining its One Piece style.

#3 – One Piece iPhone Cases

If you’re looking for something small and discrete which displays your support and appreciation for One Piece, Anime Is Luv offers some fantastic iPhone case options.

Our first iPhone Case recommendation features a graphic of Luffy and his Jolly roger. A classic image of Luffy looking out to sea from his early pirate days, it will certainly get the nostalgia going.

The second case design highlights a menacing black and white image of Luffy. Believe it or not, Luffy isn’t smiling here. It is rare to see him without a smile, and usually indicates he’s going through something troubling.

The third case option showcases an amazing graphic of Luffy during his Fourth Gear activation. Luffy’s Fourth Gear power uses his Busoshoku Haki by covering his limbs and torso so that they turn rock hard, enabling him to deliver devasting blows.

Our last iPhone case recommendation features the classic One Piece logo. This case will certainly catch the eyes of One Piece fans but should go unnoticed by those who don’t watch the series.

Closing Remarks

Our 3 One Piece product recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg for what Anime Is Luv has to offer. Nonetheless, they should be perfect for any fan of One Piece. If you are interested in other One Piece products, Anime Is Luv offers over 200 other One Piece products. 

If you are also interested in anime merch from other anime series, they offer merch from Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen and more! You’ll be able to find products ranging from 3D LED lights and apparel to small accessories such as keychains and rings. 

Payment at Anime Is Luv may be completed with credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and even Bitcoin.  

Anime Is Luv won’t disappoint and won’t break the bank either. Whether you’re a die-hard One Piece fan, or just starting the series, the One Piece collection at Anime Is Luv has something for you!