Never Forget The Time Bruce Willis Portrayed Anime Legend Doraemon In A Commercial

In 2020, in a commercial for Japanese megacorporation SoftBank’s latest 5G rollout, Bruce Willis portrays Doraemon as a middle-aged dude in a baggy blue hoodie. The entire commercial can be found on YouTube and, again, it’s literally about a 5G cellular coverage plan. At no point does Willis look like he knows what’s going on and it’s kind of the reason this advertisement deserves to live on forever. Anyway, the commercial shows Bruce-Cat crashing into a family’s home via the roof, Kool-Aid Man-style. When he opens his mouth, he’s clearly speaking a different language than the Japanese dubbing which loosely matches his lip flaps. Then, he produces a propeller from nowhere, pops it on his head, and flies out of the gaping hole he made in that poor family’s roof just moments ago.

He then immediately lands outside of the home, barely a few feet away, because Bruce-Cat is too powerful to use doors like the rest of the commoners. He awkwardly waves at anyone who makes eye contact, and then a woman reveals a time portal that’s hidden within a desk. Yes, this part takes place on the street — don’t ask. None of this seems to make any sense. Granted, it probably makes more sense to anyone who can understand Japanese, but then again … nothing and no one can ever truly comprehend Bruce-Cat.

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