Ninjala Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary with Anime Tokyo Revengers Collab!

Are you ready to go toe-to-toe with Tokyo’s most notorious delinquents? As the free-to-play online action game on Nintendo Switch approaches its second anniversary, Ninjala is preparing to treat its fans to a collaboration with hit anime Tokyo Revengers! Starting July 20th, 2022 (PDT), join the ranks of the Tokyo Manji Gang! More information about the various items included in the collab will be made available soon via Ninjala’s official website and social media channels.

Since it began serialization in 2017, the Tokyo Revengers manga has achieved worldwide popularity and sold over 50 million copies. To commemorate the collab, Yuuki Shin–voice of Takemichi Hanagaki–has provided a video message in the game’s most recent Dev Diary for fans who are eagerly anticipating the collaboration’s arrival. Check out Dev Diary #23.5 on the PlayNinjala YouTube channel to see the cast comment, and look forward to Dev Diary #24 releasing July 13th (PDT) for more details on new content coming to Season 10!

Season 10 of Ninjala is available now. New in the latest update is the opening of the WNA Resort, the game’s Visual Lobby, which lets players interact with one another in a luxurious non-combat environment. Also new to the game is seasonal pirate-themed content and an optional voice chat feature, along with revolutionary changes to the game’s combat system; for the first time, players can unlock “Alter Specials” for weapons that offer original and exciting moves with unique advantages that can be worked into each weapon’s existing move set. The “Berserker” Shinobi Card is likewise a new addition to Ninjala, letting players earn increased S-Energy by defeating their opponents at the cost of slightly decreased damage to drones, stationary targets found in most game modes.

With the introduction of the “Man-to-Man Brawl” Featured Battle Mode, ninjas and delinquents alike will have a chance to face off in a 1v1 setting… may the best fighter win!


The Ninjala x Tokyo Revengers collaboration will begin on July 20th, 2022 (PDT), and will be followed up by a 2 Year Anniversary Campaign offering players free in-game currency (Jala), a free Ninjala Pass Mini seasonal content pass, and a 30% discount on items in the game’s Shinobi Shop. The game’s developers are hoping to celebrate longtime fans as well as welcome new players with these rewards.


Ninjala, which celebrates its anniversary on July 24th, is an online action game featuring gum-powered ninjas who battle it out and free-run across dynamic environments. The game can be downloaded for free on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The Ninjala anime is also currently airing in Japan, and new episodes with English translations are uploaded weekly on the PlayNinjala YouTube page.

To learn more about Ninjala, visit the official website, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.