10+ Most Powerful Jujutsu Kaisen Villains, Ranked

Jujutsu Kaisen is currently regarded as one of the most popular anime series due to its excellent characters and incredible powers. Among them, the Jujutsu Kaisen villain leaves an indelible impression on fans’ hearts through their wonderful personalities and powers. However, some great Jujutsu Kaisen villains who have yet to debut in anime series were completely unknown to anime viewers.

In this article, you will discover some of the best Jujutsu Kaisen villains who only appeared in the manga series. Some of them were incredibly powerful, with the same amount of power as Sukuna. All of these Jujutsu Kaisen villains have great personalities, backstories, and ambitions that you will definitely like. They will undoubtedly gain huge popularity and love from fans immediately following their debut in an anime series.

Note: Please be aware that this article includes major spoilers from the manga series.

Top 10 JJK Villains Of All Time

1. Suguru Geto

Suguru Geto is currently the most popular Jujutsu Kaisen villain among anime fans. He first appeared in episode 5 of its first season and chapter 10 of its manga series. Due to playing the major role in the latest Jujutsu Kaisen 0 movie, he gets lots of attention and love from fans. 

Geto is an attractive young man who just wants to create a world where only sorcerers live. He attended Tokyo Jujutsu High School with his best friend, Gojo Satoru, when he was younger. However, after finding his goal in life, he chooses an evil path in which he has to kill all non-sorcerers in order to achieve his goal. 

As being the special grade sorcerer, he is incredibly powerful and possesses a vast amount of cursed energy. Due to his special ability, he effortlessly controls multiple curse spirits at a time and uses them against his opponents.

2. Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna is the series’ primary antagonist. King of Curses is a fabled cursed spirit. And Sukuna is none other than the King of Curses. He  is egotistic, self-centered, and malevolent.

He’s strong, ultra durable, and quick. That’s enough to defeat many Jujutsu sorcerers.

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He’s tactically savvy and manipulative. Once or twice after seeing a new cursed technique, he can deduce its workings. He has huge curse energy. This wicked energy is identical to Gojo’s, if not more.

Reversed Curse is Sukuna’s most powerful move. This gives him quick limb regeneration. He can also heal others.

Sukuna has the strong “Malevolent Shrine” expansion. He can attack anyone within 200 meters.

Just one of Sukuna’s fingers can create a special-grade curse, demonstrating his might.

3. Toji Fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro is the most powerful Jujutsu Kaisen villain who has yet to appear in an anime series. He is a tall and muscular young man with very attractive facial features. Even though he is yet to appear in an anime series, he has already created the greatest amount of hype. As a result, the manga fans were too desperate for his debut in the anime series.

Toji first appeared in chapter 66 of the manga series and served as the main villain in Gojo’s past arc. He usually works for money and kills several powerful sorcerers, which is why he gets the nickname “Sorcerer Killer.” He is a gifted child who was born with an incredible amount of physical strength and speed. In his fight against the two most powerful sorcerers of the series, i.e, Gojo and Geto, he shows his peak power by overpowering them.

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4. Kenjaku

Kenjaku is the evilest Jujutsu Kaisen villain who lives in the ancient time of the sorcerers. He is the legendary sorcerer who desired to elevate humanity to its highest level. Due to his incredible curse ability, which allows him to transfer his soul to anyone’s body, he has been alive for over 1000 years. 

Kenjaku first took the body of Noritoshi Kamo and is currently possessing the body of Suguru Geto. In his new identity as Geto, he has most of Geto’s personality and is known as “Pseudo-Geto.” Aside from his curse energy, he is quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat and possesses superior intelligence. Whenever he takes anyone’s body, he also gets their powers and skills and uses them to the fullest extent. During the fight against Jujutsu sorcerers and Choso in the Shibuya incident arc, Kenjaku proves why he is regarded as the evilest Jujutsu Kaisen villain.

5. Mahito

Mahito is one of the main villains in Jujutsu Kaisen season 1. He has a patchwork face and looks human. His left eye is dark blue while his right is gray, indicating heterochromia.

Mahito is a wicked, immature cursed spirit who relishes human emotions.

He wants to replace humanity with cursed spirits. He’s a powerful and nimble cursed spirit who can alter any body. He utilizes this technique to heal himself and make deadly weapons. Mahito’s soul is hard to kill.

He’s fast, agile, and smart. These help him defeat any grade 1 sorcerer. Using his domain expansion, he defeated Yuji and Nanami in a two-on-one duel. If Sukuna hadn’t intervened, his domain growth would have been strong. His domain extension ability allows him to transfigure anyone’s soul. He can swiftly use it to win most battles.

6. Hanami

Hanami is another Jujutsu Kaisen villain who is super strong. He’s a cursed spirit with a tough physique. He’s covered with black lines. His helmet-like head exposes his fangs. His left shoulder has a flower.

He supports Mahito’s plan to replace mankind with cursed spirits. He believes humans are curses. His strength helps him overcome sorcerers in close combat. “Disaster plants” are his specialty. It makes an illusion real. He can remove curses from plants.

Hanami is tough. Survived Gojo’s attack. He’s smart and quick. Hide helps him evade danger.

7. Jogo

Jogo is a cursed spirit and formidable enemy. Black teeth and a central eye are his defining attributes. His head resembles a volcano. He’s a proud, powerful cursed spirit. He has cursed energy equal to 8-9 of Sukuna’s fingers.

His speed and toughness rival special-grade curse spirits. He uses fire and lava to fight with his cursed energies.

“Maximum Meteor” is his deadliest ability. This creates a huge fireball. His Domain Expansion gives him complete control of his volcano-filled land. Intruders will be instantly incinerated.

8. Dagon

Dagon is a major Jujutsu Kaisen villain who plays a significant role in the Shibuya incident arc. He is one of the strongest special-grade curse spirits whose information is not available to Jujutsu sorcerers. His appearance is similar to that of an octopus, but he can also take a humanoid form. 

Dagon is a very cooperative member in Mahito’s group and responsively follows all of the group’s decisions. He was born from the fear of natural disasters that emerged from water bodies, which is why he excellently controls water. As being the special grade curse spirit, he possesses a vast amount of curse energy and is capable of defeating multiple grade 1 sorcerers at a time. 

9. Choso

Choso is the minor Jujutsu Kaisen villain who was reincarnated by Kenjaku through death painting. He first appeared as a villain and joined Kenjaku’s group. However, after finding the real identity of Kenjaku, he joined the team of jujutsu sorcerers. 

Choso is a hybrid of human and cursed spirit with a very clumsy but calm attitude. Due to practicing blood manipulation for over 150 years, he became an exceptionally powerful curse spirit. His fights against Naoya Zenin and Itadori Yuji are the two most popular and deadliest of Choso’s. 

10. Hajime Kashimo

Hajime Kashimo is a very rare Jujutsu Kaisen villain who only lived to fight strong opponents. In his time, he was the world’s strongest jujutsu sorcerer, just like Gojo in current times. After 400 years, he was reincarnated by Kenjaku in an adult man’s body.

Hajime took part in the culling game to fight against Sukuna, the world’s strongest curse spirit. He possesses a very powerful, electrified cursed energy that allows him to use electric current to the maximum extent. However, he is yet to demonstrate his most powerful natural technique that he saved up for Sukuna.

11. Reggie Star

Reggie Star is also a powerful Jujutsu Kaisen villain, just like Hajime Kashimo. He was reincarnated to take part in the culling game and played a major role in the Tokyo No. 1 Colony Arc. He is a highly intelligent jujutsu sorcerer and has a very charming personality. 

Reggie can summoning several weapons and is quite skilled at using them, especially knives. In his fight against Megumi Fushiguro, he shows his peak strength by putting up a tough fight against him. Due to this deadliest fight, we know that he is one of the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen villains.