10 Anime Characters Who Love Their Sons

Family is a big deal in the world of anime, and in many series, the entire plot or theme might revolve around the main character’s relationship with their siblings, their parents, or their children. Some families are highly dysfunctional, such as Shinji Ikari and his father Gendo, but plenty of other anime parents dearly love all their children for who they are.

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For example, many anime parents are immensely proud of their sons, and these parents are happy to watch their sons grow up into happy, healthy, and successful young men who might start a wonderful family of their own someday. In fact, many of these beloved sons are classic shonen or seinen protagonists who owe a lot to the mothers and fathers who raised them.

10/10 Mikoto Uchiha Looked After Both Her Sons


Mikoto Uchiha had a minimal role to play in the story of Naruto, but even so, longtime fans know just how supportive and caring a mother she was for her sons, Itachi and Sasuke. Like her husband, Fugaku, Mikoto was immensely proud of her talented firstborn son, Itachi, but she didn’t forget about Sasuke.

While Fugaku often ignored Sasuke, the doting Mikoto paid plenty of attention to Sasuke. She comforted the boy, assuring him that he was indeed loved, even if everyone seemed totally preoccupied with Itachi. Sasuke was fortunate to have a loving mom like her.

9/10 Soichiro Yagami Would Die For His Son

Death Note

The stubborn detective Soichiro Yagami loves his son and daughter equally, but given Light’s huge role in the story of Death Note, fans see much more of the father/son dynamic than they do the father/daughter one. Soichiro is in agony merely at the idea of Light being a Kira suspect.

Soichiro is intensely proud of his son, and he will say or do anything to prove Light’s innocence and protect the boy’s happiness and freedom at all costs. Soichiro even volunteered to go into confinement during Light’s own, just in case he was tempted to do something drastic.

8/10 Inko Midoriya Can’t Stop Worrying Over Izuku

My Hero Academia

Inko Midoriya is a hardworking single mom, and for her, Izuku is her whole world, no doubt about it. Inko is highly protective of her only child, which means Inko has conflicted feelings about Izuku’s brave but risky choice to become a pro hero. This career will either make or break him.

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Inko even stood up to All Might himself to protest Izuku’s injuries, which shows the strength of this anime mother’s love for her only son. In the end, Inko was convinced to let Izuku continue his training, but in return, Izuku ought to keep his mother’s caution in mind. She worries about him for a reason.

7/10 Joichiro Yukihira Says Love Is The Secret Ingredient

Food Wars!

Joichiro Yukihira is a widower, meaning he is now raising his only son, Soma, by himself. He and his late wife, Tamako, both knew that love is the secret ingredient after all, and that’s why the Yukihira diner was successful despite not being an upscale eatery in Paris or New York City. Love comes before glory in this kitchen.

Joichiro and his wife dearly love their son, and they made sure that Soma grew up in a household where cooking and love are one and the same. Thanks to his father’s unconditional love, Soma learned that vital lesson well, and now he cooks for love as well.

6/10 Mari Kusakabe Loved Her Superhero Son

Fire Force

Although she never appeared during the main events of Fire Force, it became clear that Shinra Kusakabe’s sharp-toothed mother, Mari, loved him deeply. In flashbacks, Mari is seen cheering on her young son who liked to pretend to be a superhero. It was almost like Inko and Izuku Midoriya.

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Not too much else is known, but even so, fans can easily infer how deeply and faithfully Mari loved Shinra as a devoted parent. She later had a second son, the white-haired Sho, but Mari became an Infernal before she could raise Sho for very long.

5/10 Byakuya Ishigami Wishes Senku Well

Dr. Stone

Byakuya Ishigami is one of anime’s best foster fathers, a caring and cheerful man who did his best to raise his foster son, Senku Ishigami, into a fine young man. Byakuya and Senku were both devoted to science, with Byakuya training to be an astronaut, but Byakuya showed his love more openly than Senku did.

Senku may have a “whatever, Dad” kind of attitude sometimes, but Senku also understands and appreciates how deeply his foster father loved him and looked after him. This is why, after 3,700 years, Senku nearly cried when he found Byakuya’s final resting place.

4/10 Isshin Kurosaki Wants What’s Best For Ichigo


Isshin Kurosaki is another single father who has a lot of love to give to his three children. He and his late wife, Masaki, passed on their spiritual powers to their firstborn child, Ichigo, and now, Isshin is determined to help Ichigo realize his true potential and save the world.

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Isshin is fully devoted to his son and his twin daughters, Yuzu and Karin, even if Karin and Ichigo merely find him annoying. Isshin used to be a carefree Captain, but now he puts his family first, and Masaki would be proud of how well he raised his son on his own.

3/10 Trisha Elric Absolutely Loved Her Sons

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Trisha Elric married the living Philosopher’s Stone, Van Hohenheim, and had two children with him, who clearly inherited their ancient father’s symbolic gold hair and eyes. Meanwhile, Trisha is no alchemist, but she’s still an outstanding anime mom.

Tragically, Trisha died of an illness when her sons were around 10 years old, and Trisha’s passionate love for her sons inspired Edward and Alphonse to pursue forbidden alchemy and try to bring her back. The experiment failed, and the brothers lost body parts as punishment for trying to bring back Amestris’ best mother.

2/10 Kie Kamado Doted On All Her Children

Demon Slayer

Kie Kamado was the mother of six sons and daughters, and after her husband, Tanjuro, died, Kie was happy to have her eldest child, Tanjiro, help raise the others. Kie was a fully devoted mother and wonderful woman who always put her family first, and Tanjiro made sure to do his part, too.

If Kie were still alive today, she would be in awe of her eldest son’s remarkable combat prowess and courage, and she would pray for her eldest daughter, too. Tanjiro can only imagine what the loving Kie would say if she could see him now.

1/10 Nagi Yoshino Looked After Her Boy

Jujutsu Kaisen

Not much was seen of Junpei’s mother, Nagi Yoshino, but at least Jujutsu Kaisen fans had a good impression of this loving anime mom. Nagi was a lady with a great sense of humor and a strong sense of duty, meaning she would do whatever it took to support and protect her son.

Given how miserable the bullied Junpei was, he was highly fortunate to have a long, caring parent like Nagi around, even if he found her lively personality a bit tiring. At least Yuji got a chance to meet Nagi before Mahito made his move and Nagi tragically lost her life.

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