10 Anime That Remind Us To Appreciate Our Brothers

Anime has a wide variety of character dynamics and relationships, one of them being the family dynamic between brothers. Some brothers might start off a bit too aloof in the face of their siblings, while others are more upfront. Though the former batch might not admit how much they love their sister or brother, the truth always comes out sooner or later.

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Each of these characters and their sibling dynamics are unique, but they have one thing that unites them; they always have their siblings’ backs. The brotherly dynamics highlighted in these anime remind fans that no matter how annoying a brother may be, all they want is to see their sibling happy.

10/10 It’s Hard Finding Love Between Siblings In A Big Family

Fruits Basket

Over the course of the series Fruits Basket, more and more members of the Sohma family are introduced, and the drama and dark history of the Sohmas is gradually revealed. The youngest members of the family are like brothers and sisters and struggle to bond with their varying personalities, though even the blood-related brothers Yuki and Ayame have their struggles.

Because of the way they are brought up by the adults of the family, Yuki and Ayame are especially cold and distant with other people and with each other. Over time, however, Ayame, who is 10 years older than Yuki, makes the first moves in reconciling their relationship, reminding fans that it’s never too late for siblings to reconnect.

9/10 In A Series With Many Good Brothers, Ichigo Is The Best


As the eldest brother in his family, Ichigo Kurosaki is very protective of his younger sisters, though his protective nature does extend to anyone he cares deeply about in Bleach. Soul Society Captain Byakuya Kuchiki is another great example of a good brother, though he takes a while to become that way with Rukia.

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With a great emphasis on family bonds as a central theme, the significance of protective brothers becomes a lovable part of Bleach. It shows viewers the lengths a good brother would go to protect his loved ones.

Gurren Laggan

In Gurren Lagann, the characters Simon and Kamina don’t appear to have biological relatives to support or be supported by. At the very beginning, the two only have one another to rely on as they explore beyond their underground home. Calling each other brothers and strengthening their bonds and skills together, they formed a stronger sibling relationship than most related siblings can hope to have.

Though Simon might have benefitted from Kamina’s brotherly support more than Kamina benefitted from Simon, the two proved to be a formidable pair in life and on the battlefield. Even years after Kamina’s passing, his words of wisdom still give Simon the strength he needs to keep drilling forward no matter the obstacle.

7/10 Tensei And Tenya Are Ideal Brotherly Role Models

My Hero Academia

More than being an aspiring hero, Tenya Ida from My Hero Academia aspires to be just as noble and inspiring as his older brother Tensei. The younger brother takes on the hero name Ingenium after Tensei is forced to retire from hero work after a near-death incident on the job.

Despite the trauma of his chosen career, Tensei is still a loving older brother to Tenya, and for Tenya, he learns how to be as caring and inspirational as his brother despite the crazy society they live in. Although the anime doesn’t entirely focus on Tenya and his brother, their arc is one of the most memorable, and the lessons Tenya learns from it have been ingrained into his character.

6/10 Lelouch’s World Revolves Around His Little Sister

Code Geass

Although the imperialistic rule of Britannia needed to be demolished, and Lelouch had his own personal reasons for fighting, his rebellion in Code Geass was mainly centered around protecting his little sister Nunnally. As children of the royal family, Lelouch and Nunnally should have been set for a lavish life, but tragedy would lead them on the run.

Their mother was murdered, with Nunnally left disabled in a wheelchair from the attack. Lelouch only wants to create a safe world for his sister, which becomes the primary reason for the start of his violent rebellion. Despite his budding relationships, both personal and military, Lelouch proves numerous times that his most important focus is on Nunnally.

5/10 Despite The Awful Circumstances, Rin And Yukio Have Each Others’ Back

Blue Exorcist

In Blue Exorcist, Rin’s world is turned upside down after discovering he’s the literal son of Satan. With a disdain for his biological father, especially after murdering his adoptive father, Rin aims to join the ranks of Exorcists to vanquish Satan. After joining Cross Academy, Rin is shocked to see his twin brother Yukio is his teacher, but even more so that Yukio resents Rin for his demonic powers and recklessness.

Yukio’s resentment was always hidden behind a bright smile and the great care he took of Rin, but not every sibling relationship is perfect. These brothers reveal that siblings don’t always have to like each other, but the love is still there as they fight side by side.

4/10 Sakuta Is There Whenever His Sister Needs Him

Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

In Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, the main character Sakuta Azusagawa encounters multiple teenage girls who suffer from a disease known as Adolescence Syndrome. This disease causes abnormal things to happen to teenagers under intense stress, like disappearing from the public eye or the sudden appearance of painful wounds. One of these girls is Sakuta’s little sister, Kaede.

After suffering from online bullying, Adolescence Syndrome changed Kaede from the outgoing and energetic girl she was into a recluse. Despite having his own daily problems, Sakuta has the patience to help Kaede through this painful time, not only because he’s her older brother, but because he genuinely loves his sister.

3/10 Shigeo’s Wholesome Relationship With Ritsu Is A Key Part Of The Story

Mob Psycho 100

Among the many positive relationships Shigeo has in Mob Psycho 100, the bond he shares with his brother Ritsu is one of the most important. Shigeo adores his little brother, and Ritsu looks up to Shigeo, not because of his incredible telekinetic powers, but because of his resilient conviction to bring good into the world.

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The two brothers lift each other up when the cruel world they live in tries to bring them down, and despite their occasionally opposing philosophies, they keep each other in check. Shigeo has his pride as an older brother, while Ritsu aims to reach Shigeo’s honorable example. This dynamic between them is a part of what keeps them moving forward.

2/10 Tanjiro’s Brotherly Love Is What Keeps Him Going

Demon Slayer

Before the tragedy of Demon Slayer unfolds, Tanjiro was the hard-working eldest brother of the Kamado family. While Tanjiro is earning money in a local village, his family is attacked by a demon. The only surviving member is his younger sister Nezuko, who is turned into a bloodthirsty demon.

Unwilling to watch her die by the hands of the demon slayers or anyone else, Tanjiro risks his life facing the most horrifying demons on the chance he may be able to turn his sister back into a human. He wasn’t able to save the rest of his family, but saving Nezuko is the one goal that keeps him going through all the tragedies he encounters, making him one of the most wholesome anime heroes.

1/10 Ed and Al’s Brotherhood Is Central To The Entire Franchise

Fullmetal Alchemist

The renowned Fullmetal Alchemist is arguably one of the greatest anime created. The series has intense action and warm comedy to keep viewers entertained and deep philosophical themes that have stayed with fans for decades. At the center of all the chaos are two brothers just trying to survive after tragedy.

Edward and Alphonse Elric are famed alchemists who travel in search of a legendary item called the philosopher’s stone. Most fear its dangerous power ending up in the wrong hands, but these brothers only want the stone to undo a terrible mistake they made when they were young. Despite the horrors faced, Ed and Al are able to stay strong because they fight for one another.

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