Pokemon Coming To Universal Studio Theme Park – Watch Out Disney

So Universal Studios Japan had announced that Pokemon was going to join them. We have already talked about how Super Nintendo World was going to beat Disney in the Theme Park business. We do not know when this is happening but it has been confirmed by Universal Studios themselves and it is only a matter of time. Expect Pokemon to appear in Universal Studios in 2022 or 2023.

The funny thing is that Nintendo World had made a deal with Universal Studios. There is a Nintendo World in Osaka and there is one coming to Orlando Florida where Universal Studios resides. All these great franchises are coming to Universal while Disney is killing big franchises such as Star Wars.

One of the many reasons why Disney is going to lose the theme park war is because they are only targeting the middle class and more affluent families while leaving the working class people behind. Disney is increasing their prices, literally telling poor people “this is not for you.” For more information on this check out Clownfish TV Youtube channel.

Disney does not fear Nintendo World. They are not afraid of the all popular Super Mario. What they are afraid of is Pokemon because the pocket monsters make nearly $100 billion per year. Pokemon has been one of the top franchises of the media since the 1990s. Everything from video games to toys and merchandise, Pokemon has raked up billions of dollars worldwide, much more than Mickey Mouse or Winnie The Pooh.

Here is a chart of the top franchises that Disney fears.

If you look at the chart above, Mario does not sell as much merchandise as Mickey Mouse throughout the years. However, Pokemon has knocked it out of the park with nearly $100 billion in merch.

It is Pokemon that they feared. So in the future, Disney will lose more and more people to Universal Studios and Universal will grow so big that they will have to build a second park. Disney will no longer be one of the biggest entertainment companies like it was before. Every empire must fall eventually.

Disney has been making really bad decisions such as making a new Star Wars Theme Park without the Star Wars characters (which failed by the way). Also the Disney Plus streaming service has peaked and they cant seem to get any more subscribers so they are trying other things to keep the company afloat.

The problem is that many people just aren’t feeling the Disney magic, not even the new generation (Gen Z).

That is why Pokemon is going to eat their lunch and take their customers. People still see the magic in Pokemon even adults but as far as Disney (besides the old stuff), is just not the same anymore.

So congrats to Pokemon and welcome to Universal Studios. Cant wait for the new park.