Reveals Studio & Writer! Lined Up for Winter’23 Release


The makers of Revenger Anime have revealed the iconic story writer of the anime series. Earlier all details were under wraps. But it seems they are slowly spilling all the beans. A new teaser is out with more leaks. Anime originals, like Odd Taxi, have had a good track record lately. So fans should also check out the new Revenger Anime. And knowing who the creator is, the new anime series sure looks promising! Thus, here is all you need to know!

Revenger is a collab project between two titans, Nitro plus and Shochiku. The former will work on the visuals. Whereas Shochiku will work as the distributor. There is no source material. Thus, fans will remain in suspense. Luckily, we do have everything the fans need to know! Looking to find out more details about Revenger Anime? Keep reading!

Two promo videos of the popular anime, Revenger were already out on the Internet. But they gave no clue about the cast, story writer, or ending theme. However, the new teaser has revealed the main staff, release date, and other details. Famous Fate/Zero writer Urobuchi will plan the storyline. You may know his other popular anime series, which include Psycho-pass, Madoka Magica, and Saya No Uta. Apart from that, Mayasa is directing the anime.

Earlier, he helmed Kemono Jihen, another popular show. Suzuki and Yuushi are the character designers. Naomi Nakano is the color designer. As of now, she is working for Chainsaw Man Anime. On the music front, Jun is the composer. While Maaya sang the ending theme ‘u_mute’. The series’ main stars are Raizo Kurima, Usui, Nio, Soji, and Teppa.

What Is The Anime About?

We receive a vague sense of retribution from the anime’s title, Revenger. The hero, Raizo, kills people to escape some cruel fate that awaits him. The latest teaser also reveals details about his sense of justice. As he seeks his revenge, he reflects on his actions. Thus, what truth will he seek as he continues? 

Raizo joins a secret group that takes revenge on common people’s behalf who have no power. From the outside, their group disguises itself as a normal store. Raizo works with five other people. Together, they cleanse society of evil men. Moreover, this concept may be similar to Lycoris Recoil, which recently ended. There may be more to the story. But as of now, the makers have teased the fans with a short video.

Revenger Anime: Release Date

The Revenger Anime is lined up for Winter 2023 release. There will be a screening event on December 10, 2022. Thus, be sure to check that out. Revenger Anime will debut on Jan 5, 2023. Moreover, Crunchyroll has said it will stream it on its platform. But it will stream sometime after the initial TV air date. There is no news of any delays. We will be sure to notify you as soon as there is an update. So be sure to stay tuned to The Anime Daily!