Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement Ep 3

Fortunately, I’ll be at home all day today, so I can watch and write this episode without delay. It feels it’s been a while since I have a full day rest. Although, I’ll have to worry for work tomorrow. (^_^;)

Today’s episode made a change in the way how Mitsuha met Count Bozes and his family. Instead of Mitsuha easily being allowed into his residence by pretending to be a noble daughter, she’s instead being blocked by the guards who couldn’t allow stranger, so she had to set up a meeting by scaring their carriage horses and then pretended to pass out, thus, making the count’s sons having no choice but to take her back to their mansion.

Once inside, Mitsuha smoothly won over the count’s family by her polite mannerism, modern era gift, and her fake sob story that made them sympathize with her. The change of Mitsuha’s expression when she finished her pitiful act when no one is around was hilarious. Her expression change combined with her inner thoughts were perfect! She’s almost like one of those white lotus antagonists, only that we know that she’s not evil. XD

It’s a wonder if Mitsuha is just being a very good actor or the Bozes Family are rather gullible people or both. They all accepted Mitsuha’s story about being a noble daughter from another country who ran away to avoid conflict of succession without an ounce of doubt. While it was mentioned that they were weak to such stories, I still amazed by how they just believed in her. I’m giving props to Mitsuha for her convincing acting skill. She really knows when to act cute using her petite appearance and know when to be mature like a noble she claimed herself to be.

The count’s family are also likeable and amusing characters, particularly the wife Iris and oldest son Alexis. I was laughing hard when I read the part when Iris explained the significance of Mitsuha’s pearl necklace, but unfortunately the anime didn’t animate it well, so the humor didn’t really crack me up. Another surprise is that Alexis actually boldly declare he’ll buy Mitsuha’s underwear and Mitsuha was willing to sell it to him and his younger brother. I know she’s opportunistic, but I was surprised that Mitsuha didn’t seem the least bit shy or ashamed in selling her own underwear to two boys that she just met. That’s Mitsuha for you! Never missed the opportunity to make money!

Putting aside the comical side of the episode, we also got to see Mitsuha finally having a break down. After enduring it for long, the warm and kind atmosphere of the Bozes Family break Mitsuha’s wall, one that she built to strengthening herself so that she won’t wallow in misery over her family’s death while also protecting herself from those who seeks to manipulate her. She must’ve suppressed her sadness all this time and didn’t have the time to come to terms with her grief. With the Bozes Family’s help, for the first time she can allow herself to be vulnerable and finally let out all of her suppressed emotions, bringing her the closure that she needed.

Considering some changes they made, I wonder if they also make changes for the next episode. She should be starting to choose a place for opening her store if following what I read in the manga.