The Best Anime And Manga About Wrestling That Fans Will Want To Check Out

“Kick-Heart” is a short anime film that was crowd-funded by Kickstarter. As per My Anime List, the campaign, well, kicked off in 2012, and the Kickstart page was last updated in 2015.  Some versions have no English dub or subtitles, but it’s not too hard to figure out what’s going on, plus the Kickstart page has a short promo film by animator Masaaki Yuasa explaining what’s going on.

So what will you see, should you be able to spare a scant quarter-hour to watch the film? It’s a sweet, yet slightly bizarre, story of a pro wrestler/orphan benefactor by the name of Romeo Maki (aka Masked Man M) who falls in love with a novice nun whose name, of course, is Juliet. Turns out she also wrestles (as Lady S), and both wrestlers are hiding big secrets behind their respective masks. Plot twist: the nun’s a closet sadist, while the “M” in Masked Man’s name might as well stand for masochist. So, boy meets girl, girl beats boy in the ring (she even does the Cesaro swing).

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