The First Licensed Web3 Anime Figures Platform Allizart Launched with a Bang

Allizart launched with a diversed and fun B2E mechanism

Top 3D/AR technology to scan and best present the anime figures

1 USDT Mission for early access to the powerful platform

SINGAPORE, October 4, 2022 / — The collectors of GKs (aka anime figures) are coming to Web3! With the first-of-its-kind “BUY to EARN” (B2E) ecosystem, there is a transparent blockchain-supported platform – Allizart, a marketplace where collectors can buy, trade, redeem, or get USDT rewards.

BUY to EARN (B2E) make up vital element of sustainable tokenomics

Within a week, the members of Allizart reached more than 10,000 people—obviously because B2E strikes as a revolutionary game changer. Rather than going home empty-handed after standing in line waiting for your dream products such as sneakers, boutiques, or designer bags in the Web2 world, your attention and patience will be rewarded with 100% + n% USDT.

B2E simply means you always win and earn whenever you start participating. For “Project Zero”, the price is only 1 USDT! You either win a limited Licensed Saint Seiya GK, which is worth 1,670 USDT, that you can resell on Allizart’s secondary market to create more price momentum and treacherous values; or the platform will redeem your NFT and reward you with the original price of your NFT + n % USDT bonus. To put it in a nutshell, you earn more by buying!

Licensed Classic Comics IPs with boutique platform service

As the world’s first official licensed web3 animation marketplace, Allizart cooperates with many well-known studios to launch legitimate animation IP merch sales, ranging from GK models to various authorized animation products. You can discover many top-notch IPs, such as Naruto, One Piece, Saint Seiya, and so forth.

Its steady-growth partnership on Discord, where many participants are convinced that “B2E tokenomics will thrive our community & bridge the gap between web2 & web3 users, creating immense opportunities for comic society in long term; and that’s why as holders, unlike previous NFT market, we still mint/buy and invest even when the market is suffering a downturn.”

“As far as now, this emerging star of comic community, seems to grow much faster than we think compared to any other Web3 projects.” said one of the holders at Allizart.

Collector’s Transformative visual feast of Omni-Angle Comic Metaverse

Allizart uses cutting-edge AR 3D technology to render GKs (models) prototypes for online viewing, allowing customers to pan and zoom in on their prospective purchases from whatever aspect they choose before making a final decision to buy, and guarantees the best technology to safeguard each GK. There will also be a mobile APP to download to show off your GKs and NFTs with a 360° 3D free viewing angle.

Regardless if you are an anime fan or not, by joining the Allizart community, you will have a chance to experience how web3 makes a revolutionary change in the world and see tons of manga lovers and web3 believers growing along with you and the brand. Allizart is not an NFT exchange only. It is a platform, a marketplace, an user-friendly marketplace supported by Paypal, crypto, and credit cards, that bridges the best of web2 and web3.

Register now and join the early access to the powerful B2E feature. For “Project Zero” from September 27th to October 7th, you can spend only 1 USDT to win a “not yet available to the public” Saint Seiya GK. Those who do not win a GK can enjoy the return of the original price of your NFT + n % bonus according to the Buy-to-Earn system. Everyone can mint up to 5 NFTs, thus better let your friends know to win more!

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