The Masked Man Reveals Release Date & More!


Raven In The Inner Palace Episode 10 will be a blast! It seems that Xiao Xue had hidden plans that Master Feng Xiying might not have been aware of. Episode 9 of the series also ended with Xiao Xue visiting somebody. It will be interesting to find out who this person is and why Xiao Xue is meeting with them. Undoubtedly, she has some ulterior motives that others have no idea about. All the answers and the story will further progress in Episode 10. It seems like each episode will be very intense from here on out. So, let’s get right into the details!

An interesting series of supernatural events also seems to have occurred between Shouxue and Huilan. The “owl” also seems to play a major role that is slowly being unveiled in the series. Keep reading further to know what is coming up next!

Raven In The Inner Palace Episode 10: What Will Happen Next?

Episode 10 of Raven In The Inner Palace will be titled “The Masked Man.” Jusetsu awakens somebody called “The Owl.” However, it remains unknown who this owl is and why they are called so. Episode 10 has a certain possibility of unveiling the owl’s identity. The emperor also receives advice to stay away from Jusetsu as her true nature finally comes to the surface. However, the new episode might reveal whether her nature is due to her connection to the spirit world or her connection with the past regime. 

Shouxue also sees The Owl planning a scheme against her. It is clear that he has strong powers and that somebody might be in severe danger in the upcoming episode. Unless Shouxue properly protects herself, it seems her future and life might be at risk. It is possible that Shouxue is not the only one being threatened. The entire kingdom seems to be in danger at the hands of The Owl. He will most likely enter the palace in the upcoming episode and begin his plan to kill off the Raven Consort.

Previous Episode Recap!

Raven In The Inner Palace Episode 9 was titled “Water’s Voice.” Episode 9 heavily focuses on Shouxue and The Owl. Although other characters were involved, the story heavily relies on the two. In case Shouxue dies, then the kingdom might collapse. The episode saw Shouxue going through a painful experience where she caught a glimpse of a man in her vision. Despite not knowing who the man is, she calls him The Owl. This man expressed a desire to go inside the palace to the master. He reasoned that he needed to kill The Raven Consort.

Throughout episode 9, Shouxue is seen with a woman who says she can hear the voice of the dead consort she used to serve. However, she realizes this woman is a ghost and binds her to the lake, which frees the ghost without destroying her spirit. But this spell was broken, and according to Shouxue, the perpetrator was the Owl. With only a few episodes left, the threats in Raven In The Inner Palace are extremely high.

Raven In The Inner Palace Episode 10: Release Date

The new episode is set to release on December 3, 2022. However, no further details have been released yet. The episode will be available on the official pages of Crunchyroll. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here!