Top 10 Most Powerful Tokyo Ghoul Villains, Ranked

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the best dark fantasy anime series that is filled with amazing villains. Its wonderful characters and captivating personalities make them so popular among fans, whether they play a positive or negative role in the series.

The first season of the series was launched on July 4, 2014, and its characters, particularly the villains, are still alive in fans’ hearts because of their profound roles in the series.

Tokyo Ghoul’s villains are unlike any other successful series’ antagonists. They are not only physically strong and have amazing talents, but they also have a beautiful appearance that fans like. Each of them has a different aim that they are determined to attain, no matter how difficult it is.

Some of them originally emerged as the main antagonists of their respective arcs and look to be the most villainous characters in the series. However, in subsequent arcs, they made allies with the series’ main character, Ken Kaneki. As a result, fans were anxious to see how strong the Tokyo Ghoul villains were and what their most potent skills were.

So, without further delay, let’s get started with this wonderful top 10 list of Tokyo Ghoul villains.

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10. Kurona Yasuhisa

Kurona Yasuhisa is the twin sister of Nashiro and a one-eyed ghoul. She is a highly attractive girl and has a doll-like appearance. She was a charming and good-hearted person until she lost her parents at a young age.

Kurona also wanted to become a ghoul investigator so that she could kill every ghoul to take revenge for her parents’ murder. However, she was unfortunately manipulated by Kano and became a one-eyed ghoul.

Her exceptionally strong Rinkaku Kagune and Rinkaku Kakuja make her so powerful. Her most popular fight is against Suzuya Juuzou, in which she demonstrates her peak strength. She also possesses extraordinary swordsmanship skills, which she learns in her academy classes.

9. Uta

Uta is the most stylish Tokyo ghoul villain and a significant member of the Clowns. He runs a well-known mask shop named HySy ArtMask Studio. In this shop, he sells different types of masks to ghouls so that they can hide their identity from human society.

Uta is popularly known by his ghoul name, No Face. Aside from his stylish looks, he is an incredibly strong ghoul and possesses bikaku kagune and bikaku kakuja. He is also capable of taking on anyone’s appearance in order to confuse his opponents.

Uta shares a brotherly bond with Renji Yomo and has great regard for him. His fight against Suzuya Juuzou is one of the deadliest fights of the series. In this fight, he shows how powerful he is by putting up a tough fight against Suzuya, the second-strongest human investigator.

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8. Donato Porpora

Donato Porpora is captured by ghoul investigators and imprisoned in the ghoul detention center at Cochlea. He is from Russia and is commonly referred to as the “Crown” in Ghoul society. According to his backstory, he is the father of Amon Koutarou and runs an orphanage.

Donato has no regard for anyone’s life, which is why he brutally killed numerous children. Even though he looks like a nice man, he is originally an evil and sadistic person. Despite being an old man, he easily defeated Higemaru, Kuki Urie, and Saiko Yonebayashi.

His incredibly powerful Koukaku Kagune and superhuman physical strength make him so powerful. He is the only Tokyo Ghoul villain who is incredibly strong, both physically and mentally.

7. Noro

Noro is one of the significant members of the Aogiri Tree, alongside Tatara. He is usually seen around Eto and provides some guidance that helps her achieve her final goal. He always covered up his entire face by wearing an amazing white mask.

Nora always advises taking action rather than speaking. His bikaku kagune, and kakuja were exceptionally stronger than others. In his fight against the Quinx Squad, he shows his greatest strength by overpowering them. Even though he is severely injured in the fight, he continues the fight.

Thanks to his insane regeneration ability, he continues to fight for such a long time. However, he was unfortunately killed by the Quinx squad.

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6. Tatara

Tatara is the most recognizable Tokyo ghoul villain who comes from China. His attractive look and calmer personality make him such a popular and recognizable character in the series.

Tatara is the closest friend of Eto Yosgimura and one of the important members of the Aogiri Tree. He is quite a calm and calculative person who has high regard for his entire group, especially Eto. Even though he is a villain, he never used cruel methods in any of his missions.

His fight against Seidou Takizawa is one of the deadliest fights of the series. In this fight, he shows his hidden potential and puts up a tough fight against the One Eyed Owl. He possesses unknown kakuja and unknown kagune that seem to be so powerful. However, its complete information is not shared by the officials.

5. Roma Hoito

Roma Hoito works as a waitress in Anteiku to gather information from the locals. While she was once the clowns’ leader and is revered by Dodgy Mother. She has a double personality, one of which is good and charming while the other is evil and cruel.

Roma is an incredibly powerful ghoul and possesses rinkaku kagune and powerful kakuja. Due to her superior regeneration ability and highly durable body, she is recognized as one of the strongest Tokyo ghoul villains.

4. Matasaka Kamishiro

Matasaka Kamishiro, also known as Shachi, is one of the series’ most powerful ghouls. He is the foster father of Rize and was unfortunately captured by ghoul investigators.

Later in the series, he was released during the Cochlea raid and joined the Aogiri tree. Despite being incredibly strong, he does not react arrogantly and has not killed innocent people. He easily beat Kaneki twice in the series with his bikaku kagune and martial arts skills.

Matasaka also fought hard against Arima Kishou, the series’ strongest ghoul investigator. Despite his incredible strength and abilities, he was tragically killed by Arima Kishou.

3. Seidou Takizawa

Seidou Takizawa first appeared as a nice guy and worked as a ghoul investigator. After being defeated by Tatara, he went through ghoulification experiments and became the one-eyed ghoul.

Takizawa was regarded as one of the strongest Tokyo ghoul villains until he became an ally of Kaneki. As the perfect product of his experiments, he also possesses ukaku kagune, the same as Eto’s, which he got from Kuzen Yoshimura. He also excellently uses Douhi, an ukaku quinque, in his fight against two powerful ghouls, Noro and Tatara.

2. Eto Yoshimura

Eto Yoshimura is the most popular Tokyo Ghoul villain. She is an extremely beautiful girl with an attractive body, which she usually wraps in bandages. She is the strongest ghoul in the series, aside from Kaneki and Furuta, because she is the daughter of the One-Eyed King.

Eto is the leader of the Aogiri Tree and has great command over all its members. In order to hide her ghoul identity, she works as a novelist and is known by her human name, Sen Takatsuki. Her superhuman strength, speed, and regeneration ability make her the strongest female character of the series.

Eto possesses ukaku kagune and ukaku kakuja, two of the strongest kagune and kakuja. Which is why she easily defeated several top-rated ghoul investigators and powerful ghouls.

1. Furuta Nimura

Furuta Nimura is the strongest Tokyo Ghoul villain. Throughout the series, he takes on several identities to achieve his true evil goal. He works as a ghoul investigator under the CCG and is also a significant member of the clown group.

Furuta always looks like a gentleman and seems to be quite a calm and nice person. However, he is a bad guy who doesn’t care about anyone’s life, including his own fellow team members. He is also an artificial one-eyed ghoul, just like Kaneki Ken, who was artificially created by ghoulification experiments.

As a one-eyed owl, he enhanced his physical strength to the fullest extent. He also has Rize’s kakuhou, which is why he heals himself within a second no matter how badly he is injured. His final fight against Kaneki Ken was one of the most popular and lethal of the series. In this fight, he shows his peak strength by putting up a tough fight against the One-Eyed King (Kaneki).