The Otaku Box Review – February 2024 Edition

This is going to be one of the first product review articles I’ve ever done on this blog, and I’m super excited about it. Today, I’ll be reviewing the popular anime merchandise subscription, The Otaku Box.

What is The Otaku Box?

What's in the Box? The Otaku Box Feb 2024 Review

For those who don’t know, The Otaku Box is a company that sends out anime-themed monthly subscription boxes to people all around the world. Based on your subscription, you’ll get new boxes every month.

These boxes contain random anime merchandise, including guaranteed figurines. Each month, you get merchandise for different animes and waifus, which are decided based on fan votes.

But that’s not even the best part. Did you know there is an ecchi option where you can get strippable figurines, lewd scrolls, and more!? That’s right, the ultimate weeb fantasy right there, all delivered to you in one box.

So, I just got my February 2024 Otaku Box, and let’s check what kind of products I got!

What’s in the Box?

  • Attila the Sun (Fate series) T-shirts
  • Inuyasha Mini Figurine
  • One Piece Silicon Egg Shapers
  • Attack on Titan Wallet
  • Chisato Hasagawa (Highschool DxD) Scale Figure
  • Asuna (SAO) Acrylic Figure
  • Senjougahara (Monogatari series) Scroll
  • Demon Slayer Magnets
  • Irina (Assassination Classroom) Waifu Card

Attila the Sun T-shirts

Among all the items in this February’s Otaku box, I think this is probably the most useful one. And I actually got two of these shirts! Lucky me!

From the color theme to the design, everything is brilliant. Oh, and the character is Attila the Sun from the Fate series, if you didn’t already know.

It is also SFW, so I could wear this around without people judging me. A complete win.

Inuyasha Mini Figurine

This one’s actually pretty cute. I haven’t watched the Inuyasha series yet, so I’m not sure who that’s supposed to be, but it is adorable nonetheless.

Who wouldn’t want to have a cute chibi girl on their showcase?

One Piece Silicon Egg Shapers

This one actually took me by surprise. I thought The Otaku Box was all about ecchi figurines and stuff, but never did I imagine them sending egg shapers.

And I am a huge One Piece fan, so it’s definitely something I appreciate.

Attack on Titan Wallet

Next up, we got an Attack on Titan Wallet, featuring the one and only Eren Jeager. It’s nothing too fancy, though. Just a regular wallet with an Eren sketch.

I would’ve preferred something more colorful, but other than that, it looks great.

Chisato Hasagawa Scale Figure

As a figurine collector, I was absolutely thrilled to open this one! This 1:9 scale figure got me super excited because this was the first time I ever held an ecchi figure in my hand, like a proper otaku. Not to mention, I never had one from the High School DxD series, so it would be a good addition to my collection.

But I’m not gonna lie, I put the figure back in the box just as fast and shoved it in the deepest corner of my cupboard. I wouldn’t want people to think that I’m a degenerate, after all. You know what I mean. Look at those humongous melons!

All said, I can’t help but feel that they focused more on the body and messed up her face.

Asuna Acrylic Figure

Like I mentioned before, I am a figurine collector. And like most of them, I have a not-so-nice opinion about acrylic figures.

I mean, who would want these over actual figurines? Even PVC stuff is better than these! At least, that’s what I thought.

But now that I actually look at it firsthand, I think it is kind of cute. It definitely has its own appeal, but still, it’s not comparable to the real stuff.

Regardless, this is Asuna from Sword Art Online, one of the best wiafus out there, in my humble opinion.

Senjougahara Scroll

Anyone who has watched the Bakemonogatari will know that Senjougahara is the ultimate waifu material from the series. By the way, if you liked the anime and are looking for more shows like it, check this article!

I am pretty much convinced that this is an AI-generated art, but it might actually be the work of some artists. I don’t know. But this artwork got voted on by fans the previous month, which is why it got printed on a scroll.

Irina Waifu Card

Irina Jelavic, popularly known as “Bitch sensei,” is easily one of the fan favorites from the Assassination Classroom series. Of course, I like her too, mostly thanks to all the hilarious moments involving her.

This waifu card features her in a bikini, which is actually lore accurate as she wears them in the anime too.

Demon Slayer Magnets

Finally, we got something from the trending shounen anime, Demon Slayer.

The February Otaku Box had two magnets, featuring my most favorite characters, Nezuko and Inosuke.

These are cute and compact. Totally worth it.

What I Liked About The Otaku Box?

  • Firstly, the concept of Otaku Box is fun.
  • I think they nailed the designs on the products.
  • The quality of the products were also pretty good (except for the figurine’s face).
  • The adorable magnets and waifu card were the cherry on top.

What I Did Not Like About The Otaku Box?

  • The box was somewhat beaten up. Even the figurine box inside the package was torn up a bit.
  • While it is not exactly the Otaku box’s fault (it’s mine, lol), the customs clearance process was a pain because of a name mismatch on the shipment. I also had to pay extra customs duty charges of about $21 since I was technically importing goods from another country.
  • The figurine’s body looked great, but the face could’ve been a lot better. Well, it’s not Bandai or Funko so I guess this is about what we can expect.

Final Thoughts About The Otaku Box

I got to say, this is the first box I got from them and I definitely liked it.

A few of these items were embarrassing “fan service” themed merchandise. I know these guys sell even extreme stuff with nudity in it, but even regular Ecchi stuff is not for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love ecchi stuff like any other weeb, but only online. Having them in person could get really embarrassing.

Also, this isn’t exactly a complaint,  but I think having anime-specific boxes would be nice. For example, a One Piece-themed box instead of a box filled with merchandise from random anime. But I guess the entire point of the Otaku Box is its randomness and the surprise element.

But at the end of the day, I think these boxes are pretty fun as it is.

That’s it for this post, you guys! This is my honest review of The Otaku Box. Overall, was it worth it? I think it was. But it comes down to individual preference. Some people would want to cherry pick the items they buy, in which case it might be hard to find a box with only the stuff you need.

On the other hand, if you’re somebody who has a hard time deciding what to buy, The Otaku Box is exactly what you need.