The Perfect Shonen Anime For the Halloween Season

Despite Soul Eater being over a decade old, the series is still a charming shonen adventure through a horror themed world, perfect for Halloween.

When thinking of the perfect Halloween anime watchlist, one choice most might accidentally overlook is Soul Eater. While many wouldn’t consider Soul Eater a horror anime, the show’s world and aesthetic make it a perfect watch for those looking to get into a spooky mood. Despite its age, the series has held up incredibly well, and a big part of that is its unique world and art style.

Soul Eater originally created by Atsushi Okubo began serialization in 2004. The anime adaptation produced by Studio Bones began shortly after in 2008. While many anime from the 2000s are no strangers to interesting art styles, Atsushi Okubo’s style seems to have endured the test of time, as it currently exists in a slightly different form with his current work Fire Force. The appeal for Soul Eater in particular is the use of that art style in combination with what some might call a “Halloween” aesthetic.

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The “Spooky” Side of Shonen Action

Soul Eater follows a group of students from the fictional Death Academy training to protect the world from evil. While this sounds like the setup for a typical shonen anime, the presentation and execution of these ideas is what makes it popular amongst fans. The world itself is strange, and the anime adaptation leans into that. The school is decorated with giant candles and skulls, and the sun and moon both have large grinning faces, ever peering down at the world and many of the characters, heroes and villains alike, are based on classic creatures from horror and fantasy.

Despite the horror-based designs in the show, Soul Eater presents itself as sleek and cool. It has a bumping soundtrack that’s a mix of hip-hop, punk, and the occasional jazz arrangement. This strange blend of genre and visual style works really well for Soul Eater and despite not being the conventional horror anime, the visual design in combination with darker themes and ideas make the anime a great starting point for people interested in the horror genre.

A Horrific And Charming World

Soul Eater in its entirety feels as though it’s themed after Halloween and is heavily dedicated to that idea. The very cohesive designs of both the setting and charcters are perfect for fans of the holiday, or even those obsessed with the aesthetic that comes with it. Even those who have already seen the show once before should consider re-watching during the Halloween season, if only for the charming visuals and catchy music. Beyond all that, however, is engaging world building and enjoyable characters, both of which play into this pseudo horror style.

Though the Soul Eater anime is over a decade old at this point, it still has much to offer old and new fans alike. While the anime can be watched at any time, October may be the best time the binge the show. It’s a fantastic watch for fans of horror and general anime fans alike, brimming with style and passion that is sure to make your Halloween a happy one.

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