The Rise of Handheld Gaming and Why its The Future

The Rise of Handheld Gaming and Why its The Future

As technology advances so does society. Technology affects people’s daily habits

It seems like just yesterday most people would gather at their friends house to play in teams.

Remember those days. When you went to your friends house and to play PlayStation or Nintendo 64. Your friends would gather around a couch to play a 2 player or 4 player game like Mario kart or street fighter.

That was the beautiful thing about home consoles.

However, now in our technologically advance world of smartphones and social media, more and more people have a desire for handheld consoles.

There is a reason why mobile game sales are so high. From $30 billion dollars in 2015 to $80 billion dollars in 2020 and the those numbers are said to go even higher

As society becomes even more comfortable with all the things that technology can do for us, people look for more mobile options such as the most popular device in the world. The smartphone

You might think that the Nintendo switch had something to do with this influence on people and some might argue it was the pandemic of 2020 and you are half right.

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The truth is that more and more people want things on the go.

I first noticed this back in 2012 with the amazon kindle

The Valve Steam Deck has shipped more than one million units and that number will increase.

However, now there are other companies trying to get into handheld market.

Logitech announced their handheld cloud gaming device which may or may not succeed

Apple said they are also planning a handheld device in the future

There is also the Steam Deck competitor called the Ayaneo.

Alienware have been working on their UFO handheld device

There is also the One X Player

But taking the lead in the handheld market is the Nintendo Switch.

Most likely when the Nintendo Switch 2 comes out it will learn from their competitors and be much more powerful

But the point that I am trying to make here is that the future seems to be very mobile.

You can game on the go, watch videos, and do other tasks. Heck, we are already working from home jobs by the millions

you know back in the 2000s there were people that said, “man, I wish I could take my PlayStation 2 on the go like the Nintendo DS or Gameboy. If only these gaming would do that.”

and here we are now.

Gaming has reached a level of freedom where you can play when traveling in an airplane or when you are in those boring lectures in college.

We have Nintendo to thank for these innovations. Nintendo showed us that we can play console level games with good graphics in a handheld device, the problem was it took time to develop the technology.

Now the next step in gaming seems to be cloud gaming which Microsoft and SONY are pushing but all depends on internet connectivity. Lets see how that turns out.

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