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Episode 2

Okay before we get started I need to get this out – IT’S SOMA HE’S HERE I MISSED HIM. HI PRINCE SOMA WELCOME TO SCHOOL!! And you know what that means – Agni must not be far behind him. I am banging my posts and pans together for them!! I just hope they are done justice.

Phew. With that out of my system, it’s time to talk about the actual episode. Ciel is making a name for himself around the school as Clayton’s errand boy, lying to the student body that it’s his hobby and he enjoys doing work like that. But we all know that it’s Sebastian putting in all the work. Ciel probably couldn’t do chores in a cardboard box if it weren’t for his devil butler. Still talks about this new student has been drifting through the schools and has now made it to the prefects. Not only do we have Clayton’s experience with him, Gregory Violet speaks about his appearance, and surprise surprise Edward, Ciel’s future brother-in-law also has some good words to put in for Ciel. All that together, Edgar Redmond rounds out the four groups by just being interested in and as a result Ciel gets an invitation to the special swan gazebo.

But first he has to deal with school politics and bullies. This one comes in the form of Maurice Cole, the prettiest boy in the school. He’s definitely a case of pretty on the outside, nasty on the inside. Cole personally invites Ciel to the gazebo and deliberately tells him the wrong time. Already a scummy thing to do and who is everyone going to believe? The Prefect’s drudge or the new kid? Of course they are going to follow Cole. But hoooo…. That kid messed with the wrong student. Honestly, he shouldn’t have messed with anyone at all. But Ciel Phantomhive, survivor of the Phantomhive fire and Campania. The Queen’s guard dog who also happens to have a devil butler who is a teacher at your school. Granted, Cole doesn’t know all of that, but I think the end result is going to be pretty brutal – at least in the social sense.

Ciel and Sebastian then go on an investigation spree to see what other dirty tricks Cole has been playing. For the most part he’s getting the younger boys to do the work for him under the promise of letting one of them become his drudge. I loved this montage. I love seeing Sebastian, a very proper guy, do silly things for his work. Hanging upside down to look through a window, hiding under the dock with scuba gear just to get the tea. Those humorous moments are just something I missed. But! In all of this, we are introduced, briefly, to Joanne Harcourt, another victim of Cole. Harcourt is another student who was invited to the gazebo and never showed up, due to Cole’s tricks to make him look like a liar. And this poor kid ends up being called such by the rest of the student body. Can you imagine? The entire student body turning against you because they believe you’re a liar? School must be absolute hell for him.

But (hopefully) good news for him. We’re going to expose Cole for the sneaky little snake that he is. Let’s just hope we can get Soma on board with our schemes.

Episode 3

Okay Agni had to stay behind, but at least he got a mention and a voice line. I will live with this. 

Anyways! This episode is all about getting the dirt on Cole – thanks to our best friend, Soma. And I have to admit, I don’t think anyone else would have been better to do recon. Sure, there were people who could have been sneakier and kept their mouth shut a little better, but it’s more fun to watch him just pester people enough. Plus, thanks to Soma elephants are no longer allowed on Weston’s campus. Who knew that was a rule that was needed. 

Also shout out to Ciel for talking about how much work it was to find all the paper scraps in the garbage and how long it took to tape them back together only to be shown that he did next to none of the work. He just sat around and drank tea the whole time. I mean… I’m not surprised, this is Ciel Phantomhive, the kid who has one hell of a butler. I just found it hilarious with the wording he used. I know he can’t just point out that Professor Michaelis is working for him and is actually an other worldly being, but I think Ciel is lucky that they have a contract. It’s a hell of a lot of willpower on Sebastian’s side to not just lose it. 

Now I will say, the reveal against Cole had quite the build up. I like that things just kept building as Ciel laid out the groundwork, but there was a moment where we felt Ciel was in a losing position when Cole brought in his henchmen. Now I promised myself I would keep the Twisted Wonderland thoughts to a minimum but it’s really hard when you know that Yana also worked on that. I mean, you can’t tell me that Maurice Cole is not just an earlier version of Epel Felmier. I mean, prettiest boy in the school but can really turn into a delinquent if needed. Obviously they’re a little bit different, but the comparisons are there! Cole is just the version of Epel that learned to use his looks as a strength rather than trying to fight everyone outright (and I just personally like Epel more ‘ v’). Anyways – Cole brings in his henchmen who beat up Ciel, pin him down, and attempt to strip him for a blackmail photograph. That’s scummy to do on its own but once again he’s doing it to Ciel Phantomhive, the kid who has a lot of trauma surrounding that. But luckily for our Earl we didn’t even need Sebastian to appear to save the day. The other prefects and Edward all come to the rescue and Cole loses his status. And just because Ciel is a petty kid, he decides to put a nail in the coffin by first offering a handkerchief as a way to “make amends” only to reveal Cole’s secrets to the entire school. Damn.

And that’s where we leave Cole. Like he really wasn’t a good person. But damn. A terrible ending for him. I can’t remember if he appears more in the arc, but I would probably drop out of school if something like that happened. Ah well, we have other important things to worry about for the Queen. Congrats Ciel, you became Clayton’s drudge. 

At the time of publishing this post episode 4 has been released. In the interest of keeping from getting too big & the fact that we’ve wrapped up the Cole situation I’ll end the entry here.

Episode 4’s entry is on its way!