The Otaku Box Review – March 2024 Edition

I finally got my hands on the March 2024 Otaku Box, and I’m super excited to unbox the goodies inside! Yes, it’s a bit late to the party (April showers and all), but Otaku Box lets you order older editions anytime. In my case, it arrived in the second week of April.

This is actually a follow-up to my February box review, and let me tell you, this month is a major upgrade in my opinion!

What is The Otaku Box?

What is The Otaku Box?

The Otaku Box delivers surprise anime goodies straight to your door each month. With a subscription, you’ll get a new box filled with awesome anime merch every 30 days.

These boxes are packed with surprises, but you can always count on getting a cool figurine. The themes and characters change every month based on what fans vote for, so you’ll discover new favorites and revisit old ones.

But wait, there’s more! For the truly devoted anime enthusiast, there’s an ecchi option with exclusive items you won’t find anywhere else. We’re talking sexy figurines, risque scrolls, and more! It’s the ultimate anime fan’s dream come true.

I just got my March 2024 Otaku Box (SFW version), and I’m itching to show you what’s inside!

What’s in the Box?

  • Albedo Figurine (Overlord)
  • Albedo Umberlla (Overlord)
  • Zero Two Mini Figure (Darling in the Franxx)
  • Zero Two Bookmark (Darling in the Franxx)
  • Rebbeca T-Shirt (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners)
  • Buff Anya Sticker (Spy x Family)
  • Rem Scroll (Re:Zero)
  • Yor Forger Air Freshener (Spy x Family)
  • Formidable Waifu Card (Azure Lane)

Albedo Figurine

First up, the crown jewel of the box: Albedo Figurine! Overlord fans like myself will appreciate the stunning detail on this figure. Unlike the previous box (you know the one!), Albedo’s face looks fantastic. Like I said, the March 2024 Otaku Box is far better than the Feburary one I reviewed before.

The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the materials feel high quality. This figure is definitely a win!

Albedo Umbrella

Sticking with the Overlord theme, this box also included a fantastic surprise: an Albedo Umbrella! I wouldn’t have guessed umbrellas were part of the Otaku Box, but this one is awesome.

It features a playful chibi-style Albedo and the Overlord logo in a sleek black and yellow color scheme. It’s not just stylish, it’s practical too! Perfect for any Overlord fan who wants to stay dry in style.

Zero Two Mini Figure

Next up, a character switch! This adorable mini figure of Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx brought a smile to my face.

The Otaku Box always impresses with their high-quality minis, and this one captures Zero Two perfectly.

Every detail, from her iconic pink hair to her dazzling smile, is spot-on. It’s already found a prime spot on my desk – a constant reminder of this fantastic series!

Zero Two Bookmark

Another Darling in the Franxx treat! This time, it’s a Zero Two bookmark. While I don’t get much reading time myself, this would be perfect for any bookworm out there.

The design is simple but charming, featuring Zero Two’s signature dazzling smile. It might just inspire me to pick up a book again – who knows? In any case, it’s a great addition for any Zero Two fan.

Rebbeca T-Shirt

This box brought a blast of Night City with a Rebbeca tee from Cyberpunk Edgerunners! The design captures her fun personality perfectly and her beautiful appearance.

While it definitely showcases her iconic style, the details are a bit too revealing if you ask me. I mean, if Brooke were to see her, he’d be sad because he wouldn’t be able to use his “Please show me your panties” punchline. It’s literally the only thing she’s wearing lol.

Anyways, the fabric feels great and hopefully the design won’t wear off after a wash. Overall, this a win for any Cyberpunk fan who wants to rep Rebbeca in style.

Buff Anya Sticker

Yet another surprise item from the March 2024 Otaku Box that totally stole the show for me! Who knew they included hilarious meme merch?

This sticker features Anya from Spy x Family, but with a hilarious twist – she’s got an epic, meme-worthy physique! It’s the perfect blend of unexpected fun and fandom love. A+ for injecting some humor into the box!

Yor Forger Air Freshener

The March 2024 Otaku Box kept delivering surprises, and this Yor Forger Car Air Freshener was a delightful one!

Not only is the scent fantastic, but it doubles as a mini acrylic figure.

It’s both functional and stylish, keeping your car smelling fresh while adding a touch of Spy x Family flair to your ride.

I read that these last 2-3 weeks, so I’m definitely gonna every moment of using it.

Rem Scroll

Now I’d say “Who’s Rem?” and end this section, but then it’d be a really niche joke that many of you guys might not get. So I’m going to do a proper review.

This scroll features a vivid design of Rem from Re:Zero, hands down the best maid girl in all of anime. The details are pretty on point. From her stern face to her deadly weapon, everything is in place.

Formidable Waifu Card

This month’s Otaku Box included one of their signature collectibles: a waifu card! This time, it features “Formidable” from Azur Lane.

While I haven’t dived into the world of Azur Lane yet (ship girls sound intriguing!), I can appreciate the high-quality artwork and the card’s unique design.

For any Azur Lane fans out there, I’m sure this is a treasure to add to their collection!

So that’s it folks! These are all the anime merchandise I got from The Otaku Box March 2024 (SFW) Edition. Like I mentioned before, you can get an ecchi, or even yaoi version of the box. But be warned, you’re going to see some uncensored stuff (that I’m sure you’ll love if you’re into lewd stuff.)