To Your Eternity Season 2 – Episode 3

Much to our surprise, Fushi is traveling around with the Guardians now, thanks to Kahaku’s disinterest in men. He’s still carrying on the will of Hayase, but Fushi was almost able to catch a break because Kahaku is the first male successor and until he has a kid there’s no potential other descendants coming Fushi’s way for at least a few years. But guess what! In almost a hilarious turn of events, Kahaku catches feelings for Parona. (Oh, the potential angst that can come out of Fushi telling Kahaku what Hayase did).

In Fushi’s travels with the Guardians he makes a visit to some of the believers. I’m actually really surprised how they handled the whole interaction. I was kind of expecting people to be more… apprehensive towards Fushi? He just kinda walked into the village and everyone was groveling at his feet. He’s an immortal that has not really made himself known, but everyone there was just willing to accept him. Now, I would get it if the reaction was more split with some hardcore believers and some skeptics, but the whole “meet your followers” leaves me with a lot of questions. However, I am willing to put all of that behind because we were introduced to a fun new character: Prince Bonchien Nicoli La Tasty Peach Uralis !! 

I like silly, eccentric characters and Bon fits the bill perfectly. I love how over the top he is and just how much personality he oozes. I’m really hoping that he’s going to be an ally for us because he’s just so much fun and really elevated the episode. He’s got some fun quirks, such as talking to something and also being very interested in becoming king of Uralis (with the bonus of really wanting everyone’s approval). There’s just so much potential with him, and I’m hoping to have a good time with him. I don’t expect him to be a big bad because I just don’t think someone with that much personality would be capable of being the next big evil. Could I see him faltering and having a betrayal? Yeah. But it’s going to take a lot for him to reach Hayase level of evil. 

Speaking about Bon, I really hope he becomes an ally because I truly want Fushi to have a reliable friend again. Kahaku could also provide that level of companionship, but due to his lineage, it’s going to be rough for Fushi to give the other his full trust. Bon, on the other hand, as far as we know has little connection to Fushi and has the potential to be someone reliable. He’s different from Gugu, March, Pioran, and Tonari, but still a valuable person for Fushi to learn from. Really, I’m just hoping that Fushi doesn’t give up the life that he’s made for himself and start over from scratch. BON PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU TO BE FUSHI’S FRIEND. 

It seems like the episode is really bringing us into the next arc of To Your Eternity and I’m so excited to see what the story has in store for us. I just hope I’m able to make it through this arc without shedding too many tears.