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The anime world is overflowing with harem anime, yet a handful of such shows are fully cherished by audiences. An ecchi harem show of fall 2023, The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You manages to win the hearts of fans despite having an absurd logicless name.

As the anime was highly praised by audiences and its second season has already been announced, we have put an effort into enlisting a very similar harem anime to The 100 Girlfriends. Based on similar plot settings, art style resemblance, and related characters, we have ranked the top 10 similar shows that are inevitably to be liked if you have enjoyed this series.

Without further ado, let’s treasure the relative recommendations to our targeted anime. 

10: Cupid’s Chocolate

Let’s kick off our list with a renowned Chinese romance anime, Cupid’s Chocolate. In terms of plot, character developments and even pacing of this anime is ditto similar to The 100 Girlfriends.

The show follows Jiang Hao Yi, a superordinary boy whose chance of getting a girlfriend is no less than a miracle regarding his overall profile. Suddenly a bombshell dropped in the shape of an idol girl claiming to be the mother of his child.

One such bizarre claim can be accepted but things get worse when hordes of dazzling beauties fall head over heels for this lad crowning him the harm king of school.

How this happened is your responsibility to uncover. One thing’s for sure: if you have liked The 100 Girlfriends anime, give this similar romance a shot.

9: Tales Of The Wedding Rings

This show belongs to the latest productions in the harem genre and is created by the same studio that produced Vermeil In Gold. If you have watched that one, you must know what to expect from this anime.

Satou is an average high schooler who has fallen in love with a blonde girl who first appeared through a mysterious portal 10 years ago and until now is living nearby Satou. As the time separation is near she has to return to her origins.

With manly courage, Satou decides to test out his fate by confessing and ends up being teleported into another world. Even if his proposal is accepted, the allure of mysterious otherworldly girls is waiting for his loyalty to test out.

It’s an ecchi harem show that doesn’t waste much time introducing alluring anime girls and falling for the MC. So it should be counted as a similarity to The 100 Girlfriends anime.

8: The Café Terrace And Its Goddesses

Just imagine, you have come back to your home after a long time only to find out five hot chicks living there. Even though it’s the least expected thing, there is no harm in enjoying such a tantalizing storyline.

Hayato, a university graduate has returned to his hometown to sell his inherited property left by his grandma. While inspecting this property “Cafe” from the inside, he stumbles into five troubled girls in a lewd scenario.

When the dust settles, Hayato finds out that these quirky ladies have been living here for a long time. A resolution was reached between both parties and Hayato decided to own this cafe.

How the harem will be created is spoiling content, so instead give this similar anime to The 100 Girlfriends a go.

7: Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time

Even though this harem anime has faced criticism with a MAL rating of 5.5, there’s no denying that those who enjoy The 100 Girlfriends anime might still find elements to appreciate in this show.

Peter Grill, the prodigy has proven his worth in tying the knot with his beloved girl Luvelia Sanctos. He has earned the title of strongest and is expecting a healthy future with his spouse.

Wholesome, isn’t it? Yes, it was until his title earned him a lot of attention around the globe. Now women folk, orcs, demihumans, elves are other races are eager to share bed with Peter in the hope of producing offspring blessed with his might.

6: Love Flops

You wake up, turn on the TV, and find out your destiny of getting multiple love partners. If you’re a weeb, I can picture your reaction but first, let’s find out the reaction of this anime’s MC.

An advanced AI show has forecasted the destiny of Asahi Kashiwagi, which is to be flooded with love from different girls.

First, it was hard for him to accept, however since the day started, his ecchi interaction with stunning girls has made it crystal clear about the recent prophecy.

Given its R-rated nature, expect to come across plenty of clichés and cheeky moments in this series.

5: If Her Flag Breaks

Falling for a unique ability possessor individual who is always ready to lend a supportive hand is inevitable. Just like in the case of the anime If Her Flag Breaks.

Souta Hatate has a strange gift: he can see flags on people’s heads that determine their fate. He can also alter their destiny by breaking their flags. However, he prefers to keep a low profile and avoid getting involved with others.

That changes when he meets Nanami Knight Bladefield, a curious princess who wants to know his secret, and Akane Mahougasawa, a bubbly girl who falls for him. They drag him into a harem of girls who share a dormitory with him.

How fast the girls fall for Hatate is quite similar to The 100 Girlfriends. Moreover, its pacing of building a harem resembles it as well.

4: Ladies Versus Butlers

With zero storylines, and little to no character development, Ladies Versus Butlers charm only lies in its hilarious fan service.

Since the protagonist has lost his parents, he joins a free boarding school as a butler to make a living. Good, but this boarding school consists only of girls!

It sounds like a promising setup for a harem, right? However, his tough demeanor scares off all the girls. Not only is it challenging for him to form a platonic friendship with females, but creating a harem seems impossible.

How such a freak is going to create a harem similar to The 100 Girlfriends’s MC is your job to find out.

3: The Testament Of New Sister Devil

The Testament Of New Sister Devil is an extreme ecchi show where virtually every girl, from demons to teachers, and every person of the opposite gender, falls head over heels for the MC.

Toujou Basara found two step-sisters when his father suddenly got married again. For instance, both look like wholesome and random high school girls, but to Basara’s surprise, both are demons and toss him out of his home.

Here’s a twist, to both girls’ surprise, Basara is a member of the former Heroes clan known for slaying the demons. How things are gonna settle in this mess is a little tricky as there are many other girls involved throughout the storyline.

Precautions first; it’s an R-rated ecchi anime, so you’re gonna witness a borderline fan service.

2:  World’s End Harem

Everything aside, even the premise of this anime is enough to pique the interest of otaku nerds. How? Let’s check it out.

All men of the world have died due to an ‘only man killing’ virus, now the Earth has been overrun by females. Fatefully a handful of men were isolated before the plague and one of them is now awakened from hibernation.

As he’s the most uncommon rarity in the world, every woman on Earth is desperate to mate. Calling this anime the Xerox copy of 100 Girlfriends anime wouldn’t be wrong since hordes of girls have fallen for MC.

1: Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Whether you liked The 100 Girlfriends for its rom-com or mild fan service doesn’t matter because Girlfriend, Girlfriend will deliver rom-com and fan service in triple mode.

The show features the dumbest protagonist of all time Naoya Mukai who is currently the boyfriend of quirky red-headed Saki Saki. Everything was going smoothly until an angelic girl Nagisa Minase dropped a bomb by confessing to our idiotic MC.

The MC’s plan is simple: he’ll choose only one girl. Yet, despite any perceived lack of intelligence, he respects Minase’s feelings and successfully persuades Saki Saki into a two-timing relationship.

Somehow, they’re managing this awkward situation, and yet more confessions are in the works, making things even worse.


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