Tsuyokute New Saga Anime Announced With July 2023 Premiere Date

Tsuyokute New Saga series is getting an anime adaptation, set for July 2023 premiere. Three studios are working on the adaptation: Yokohama Animation Laboratory, Makaria and SOTSU. A teaser visual and trailer have been revealed:

Tsuyokute New Saga – Anime Teaser Trailer

The main cast can be heard in the trailer. Kyle is voiced by Yuma Uchida, Hiro Shimono is Seran, Ai Fairouz is Riize, Masami Seto is Urza and Minami Takahashi is Sildonia.

Tsuyokute New Saga – Anime Teaser Visual

The original Tsuyokute New Saga light novel was written by Masayki Abe and illustrated by Ryuta Fuse. It ran from 2013 to 2018 and was completed in 10 volumes. A manga adaptation by Jun Miura began serialization in 2014 and currently has a total of nine volumes out. Alpha Manga licensed the manga as New Saga and describes the plot as:

After a grueling battle, the magic knight Kyle finally defeats the demon lord… or so he believes. He wakes up to find himself in the land that had been destroyed in his past life. He is reunited with the precious person he thought he had lost forever. To stop the human world from being destroyed again, along with his friends, Kyle uses his memory from his previous life to once again save the world! A fantasy saga about a brave knight!

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