Which Anime Vampire Are You Based On Your Zodiac

As the spooky season is in full swing, fans may want to revisit anime with a twinge of horror, whether they be dark tales such as Hellsing or a dark romance like Vampire Knight. Vampires are infamous horror figures across the globe both for their romantic allure and propensity for blood-soaked violence.

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There are many vampire animes, ranging from the light-hearted Rosario + Vampire to the brutal Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In each series, fans find vampiric characters with drastically different personalities corresponding to one of the twelve zodiac signs. Some, like Castlevania’sAlucard, are heroes, while others, like Dio Brando, are villains to the core.

12/12 Aries: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Has A Violent Villain In Dio Brando

JJBA’s Dio Brando is among the best anime vampires for his ruthless attitude, intelligence, and strength. Often those who fall under the ram’s sign, Aries, have a greater propensity for these traits. However, they can also be passionate, bold, and excel at leading.

Aries is the Mars-affiliated cardinal fire sign and ruler of the first house. With fire as its element and Mars as its ruling planet, those born under the Aries constellation are famous for their energy and assertiveness. The first house governs the ego and personality, so an Aries who has yet to mature may come across as egotistical (not unlike Dio Brando, who consistently thinks only of himself).

11/12 Taurus: Servamp’s Kuro Just Wants To Chill At Home

As the Servamp of Sloth, Kuro wants to hang out and play video games. Being a homebody is not a bad thing, though, as many Tauruses can affirm. Taurus is an earth sign, meaning they are stubborn and slow to rise. Once anchored, a Taurus doesn’t like to change gears.

Venus, the planet of harmony, beauty, and tranquility, rules Taurus, which is likely why those who fall under the bull sign prefer to remain in the peaceful stillness of home. Tauruses are also the fixed earth sign in the zodiac, which means they can be extra stubborn.

10/12 Gemini: Straizo Had Two Different Personalities In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

The twins represent Gemini, which is why this sign has a reputation for being two-faced. While this can be true for those Gemini who have yet to mature, it is more likely Gemini appears this way because they struggle to commit to one thing. They are jacks of all trades at heart, thanks to their connection with Mercury, the planet governing communication, intelligence, and learning.

Straizo was a Hamon master, but as he aged, he turned on his friends and became a vampire. He demonstrated Gemini’s tendency to learn multiple skills but perpetuated the backstabbing stereotype. Coincidentally, Gemini rules the third house of filial love and hobbies, and Straizo trades one for the other.

9/12 Cancer: Vampire Knight’s Yuki Cross Is A Lover, Not A Fighter

Vampire Knight is famous for being one of the best vampire romance anime. Its main character is Yuki Cross, a student who turns out to be a vampire. Yuki wants to protect her loved ones, but this comes more from her compassion than it does her propensity for violence. She is, at her core, a nurturing soul.

The moon, which governs emotionality and compassion, rules the crab sign, Cancer. As a result, Cancers have a reputation for being motherly figures. Furthermore, Cancers rule the fourth house of family and caregiving. Cancer is the zodiac’s cardinal water sign, which means they have an intense and raw connection to emotions.

8/12 Leo: Black Blood Brother’s Jiro Mochizuki Is Cocky At Times

Leos are infamous for being the zodiac’s most self-important figures, though this is usually only directed at those who have yet to mature. The sun, which represents the ego and external self, rules the lion sign. Thus, they exude confidence.

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Jiro Mochizuki is not as dramatic or arrogant as some accuse Leos of being. However, he does have a cocky streak. Still, Jiro has the skill to back that up. At their core, Leos know their worth and are secure in their abilities.

7/12 Virgo: Castlevania’s Lenore Always Has A Plan

Castlevania ranks among the best vampire anime of recent years. It introduced fans to many exciting vampire characters like Lenore, the self-proclaimed diplomat. She is the most like Virgo, the mutable earth sign in the zodiac.

Lenore is great with communication, which makes sense as Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet governs communication and intelligence. Virgo is an earth sign, but its mutable modality hints that they are more adaptable than the other earth signs. Lenore must constantly adapt to keep up with Castlevania’s changing circumstances. Furthermore, Virgo runs the sixth house of service, and Lenore always helps her sisters behind the scenes.

6/12 Libra: Noé Archiviste Is A Libra Through And Through

Libras are all about the aesthetic (thanks to their Venus rulership), and few vampire animes are more aesthetic than The Case Study of Vanitas in which Noé Archiviste is one of the main characters. Coincidentally, Noé’s birthday lands squarely within Libra season.

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As represented by the scales, Libra is a sign that values justice and fairness, not unlike Noé. On top of that, they are an air sign, meaning they tend to be lost in their dream world or can be gullible, something of which Noé is also guilty.

5/12 Scorpio: Castlevania’s Dracula Can Hold A Grudge

Castlevania’s Dracula is one of anime’s most brutal vampires. He, like Scorpios, has a bad habit of holding grudges. Scorpio is the zodiac’s fixed water sign. While most water signs go with the flow, Scorpio’s fixed modality is at odds, thus signaling their tendency to be unforgiving.

At their core, Scorpios hate lies and seek the truth, which is why Dracula fell in love with his wife. Scorpios govern the eighth house of death and the occult, which fits well with Dracula’s aesthetic and hobbies. Furthermore, Pluto, the planet of transformation and mystery, and Mars ruled Scorpio at different times in astrology’s history. Dracula is mysterious and passionate (even if that passion is revenge).

4/12 Sagittarius: Alucard Of Hellsing Will Do Anything To Win

Hellsing’s Alucard is one of anime’s strongest vampires, and he knows it. As mutable fire signs, Sagittariuses are adaptable, confident, and assertive, each of which is a quality inherent in Alucard, who is known to do whatever it takes to further his interests (which luckily aligns with the side of good).

Furthermore, Sagittariuses are the zodiac’s philosophers because of their connection to Jupiter, which represents expansion and luck, and the ninth house of higher education. Alucard’s connection to the Hellsing organization mirrors Sagittarius’ relationship with learning, growing, and education.

3/12 Capricorn: D Of Vampire Hunter D Is Stoic And Ambitious

One of the best vampire animes, according to MyAnimeList, is Vampire Hunter D. D often comes across as cold, standoffish, and stoic. Capricorns share these traits with D thanks to their earthen element, cardinal modality, and Saturn affiliation.

Saturn is the planet of discipline, and D is nothing if not disciplined. Furthermore, Capricorn’s combination of earth and cardinal traits make them stubborn and fixated. Finally, Capricorn rules the tenth house of status, which D struggles to understand as he navigates the world as a half-vampire and a vampire hunter.

2/12 Aquarius: Castlevania’s Alucard Wants To Change The World

Alucard is one of the few vampires Castlevania’s Trevor Belmont couldn’t defeat and is strong enough to take on his father, Dracula. Since Dracula wanted to end the world and kill all humans, Alucard had to choose between his father and humanity. He rebelled against his father, joining Trevor and Sypha Belnades in their quest to stop Dracula.

Uranus, the rebellious planet, rules Aquarius. This trait fits characters such as Alucard, who rebel against Dracula and his court. In addition, Aquarius governs the eleventh house of friendship, mimicking Alucard’s connection to Trevor and Sypha.

1/12 Pisces: Rosario + Vampire’s Outer Moka Akashiya Is Kind And Compassionate

Moka may rank as one of anime’s worst vampires in terms of strength, but she’s a lovable character. Until she takes off her rosary, she is a gentle spirit. Pisces is the mutable water sign, meaning they are both in touch with their emotions and are easygoing.

Neptune, the planet of dreams, rules Pisces. This trait explains why Moka has her head in the clouds at times. Finally, Pisces is the twelfth house’s (dreams, supernatural, and the unseen) custodian. Pisces’ connection to the unseen and the supernatural hints at her vampiric nature and inner self.

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