Why Anime Girls Get Censored So Much In The West

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People keep wondering why anime girls continue to be censored, specifically in western countries like America, Canada, England and South American countries such as Argentina. Argentina banned Dragon Ball because Master Roshi was a pervert and they thought it was a bad influence. They didnt like how master Roshi was behaving towards the girls in Dragon Ball.

There are things that automatically get censored and for the most part, anime fans understand why something like blood would get censored. However, cute anime girls get censored the most. Is not just their clothes but also because the way that anime girls girls look.

It all has to do with western style of cartoons.

Take a look at how western cartoons look. From old to new. Whether if its Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, western cartoons made for children under the age of 13 always have either a grotesque or unrealistic look to them. That is how the west looks at cartoons.

Dexter’s Lab

Hey Arnold,

Ed, Edd and Eddy.

Cat Dog,

Power Puff Girls

Johnny Bravo

You name it. They all have this very easy to do art style. Of course there are some exceptions such as Johnny Quest, He-Man, Justice League, Teens Titans and Avatar the Last Airbender which was a huge surprise when it came out in Nickelodeon.

Keep in mind that western cartoons like Teen Titans (the original ones) or Avatar The Last Airbender were meant to be for kids over the age of 13. Cartoons that were more mature as oppose to Dexter’s Lab or Power Puff Girls.

Most cartoons are not anatomically correct in the west and that is the idea of how cartoons should be for kids. Anime, on the other hand, is always anatomically correct whether if its for kids, teens or adults. Anime always uses real human proportions.

That is why when an anime character like Uzaki chan has big boobs, some puritans in the west lose their minds.

What Japan and the West Allows

It is funny that western television allows kids to watch violence on TV such as WWE wrestling entertainment. However, it is not okay to have pervy jokes in cartoons.

Japan on the other hand is ok with pervy jokes in Anime for kids such as when little Goku was patting people on the crotch to see if they were a boy or a girl.

Especially with Americans, they think that entertainment should just be dumb fun, which is fine. By dumb fun I mean, straight up action scenes or comedies. In Japan, anime, movies and TV show like to mentally challenge kids and adults alike. They always make you think about the meaning of life such as Spirited Away which was a family Anime movie.

The Attack on Anime Girls

We can all understand that there is a cultural difference between the east and the west however, when companies like Amazon prevent you from purchasing certain action figures because they decided its bad for you then now we have a problem.

Amazon has censored anime figures of anime girls. Steam the gaming store has banned anime games with sexy anime girls in it.

Is not like an age rating has been put on these games but these big tech companies are telling you that you are not allow to buy them because of reasons. Is like they are trying to prevent you from consuming anime girls.

Instead of banning these games, an age rating should be put on them to prevent children from having easy access to the games.

So the attack on anime girls is not just cultural but it also seems to be a war on what you consume. Is not just the twitter mob criticizing anime girls for being too revealing or looking like they too young when really the characters are over the age of 18.

It is an intentional attack on anime girls and anime as a whole.

While some people in the west talk about multiculturalism and having tolerance, they don’t seem to tolerate Anime girls the way that Japan wants. Many people in the west and companies want to push their fake puritan culture on to Japan and then claim that they are multicultural.