Why Do Titans Eat Humans In Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan has some of the most gory and hard to watch scenes in the history of anime. Similar to the Berserk anime, Attack on Titan has many gory scenes that are hard to watch . It is the horror of watching Titans eat human bodies of characters you love. Mindless giants, trudging over the land lusting for human flesh.

It was never clear as to why Titans eat humans. The people in Paradis never knew or understood. The Titans were nothing but monster that made their life so difficult.

Hange studied the Titans for years but never really found a reason as to why the Titans eat humans. However, there are two clues to this. The first clue was given to us by Ymir who was named after the first Titan shifter Ymir Fritz.

Ymir explains her days living as a Titan as a nightmare. She thought that if she could eat a Titan shifter then she would be free, turn back to normal and inherit that shifter’s powers. So it seems that eating humans is something that is innate within each pure Titan that is injected with the Spinal fluid. They naturally desire to eat humans until they can devour shifter that will make them go back to normal. Its like a program that is focused on doing one task until that task is over.

This makes sense because in season 3 and season 4 we learn that if a human shifter eats another shifter, powers of that shifter are passed down to the next person. When Revi injected Armin with the spinal fluid, Armin became a pure Titan but then ate Bertholdt and gained the Colossal Titans powers.

Its an innate need for pure Titans to eat human shifters.

Where do titans come from

The Titans come from Marley. The Marley military injected Eldians who are descendants of Ymir Fritz, with the spinal fluid and turn them into pure Titans. The pure Titans would trudge the Paradis till they reach the walled city.

Marley sent the titans to the walls to make sure the prisoners remain as prisoners but also prevent anyone who was an Eldian to rise and bring destruction upon the people of Marley.

Since Eldians caused so much destruction throughout the world for thousands of years, at some point, the people’s memories in Paradis were erased and then Marleyans took that opportunity to punish Eldians by turning their own people into Titans and sending them to eat their own. .

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