Why Hollywood Keeps Ginger Swapping – No Respect For Redheads

Ever wonder why Hollywood and the media keeps ginger swapping. Not only do Hollywood movies like to change an original Caucasian character into an African American character but they love to swap red headed characters.

Here is a short list of red headed characters being swapped by an African actor

Mary Jean in Tom Holland’s Spider was switch Zendaya Who is half black and half white

Jimmy Olsen from the Flash series was switched by a bald black guy- Mechad Brooks

The upcoming live action little Mermaid is being swapped with an African American actress Halle Bailey

Iris Allen from the Flash series swapped with Candace Patton (which is also beautiful).

Why is it always the red head. If Hollywood and the media supports minorities and underrepresented groups then why do they keep eliminating red heads.

On of the theories why Hollywood does this is because red heads are white. Most of the red heads in the world come from Europe therefore all red heads must be white. White people are seen as the bad guys in our modern day world. White men are seen as evil because of the events of the past. So Hollywood liberals see it as justice when a redheaded character is changed for an African actor. To liberals this is a good thing because it gives African people opportunities to rise in entertainment but it also takes away opportunities from red heads who are a HUGE minority in this world.

Red Heads Are A Minority Group In The World

Most redheads in the world come from four countries. America, Ireland, Wales and United Kingdom. Most of the redheaded population in the world are in Ireland. In reality, the population of redheads in Ireland are about 20 to 30 percent. So even in Ireland, the country that holds births the red head gene, still how a low population of red heads compare to black hair and blonde hair.

Red heads are not very common but Hollywood feels is ok to replace them because they are white and according to American liberals, white people are evil racist bigots. White people were the ones who enslaved black people so it is justice when redheads are replaced with blacks.


That redheads are one of the groups of people that have suffered the most in this world. If you know your European history you should know about the Irish famine. How England allowed the Irish to starve in historical potato famine and caused millions Irish people to die.

Ireland once had 8 million people and after the famine their population shrunk to 5 to 6 million. Ireland’s birth rate is not getting any better, not even in today’s day and age with our amazing technology.

The red headed Irish people had to leave Ireland to other countries just to be able to eat because their homeland had no food. Thus caused a great migration and that is why we have many red heads around the world, even Mexico.

So as you can see, red heads are an oppressed minority and a lower population than that of Africans and Asians in Americans. Red heads are literally close to extinction. Surely, Hollywood liberals know this or are ignorant of red heads.

Why Gingers?

There is a bit of a conspiracy theory around this. It is obvious that this causes division. The growing list of red heads in fiction is ridiculous. Perhaps Hollywood does know that red heads are a minority group and the reason they choose red head is to cause division and put one minority group against another.

This is part of the deep state and illuminati conspiracy theory. That those in power want the populous to be divided because that way, people are easy to control.

Red heads are also an easy target because they are a minority group because they are such a small population. This also ads to the idea of white genocide. That white people are being replaced by another ethnic group because white people are not reproducing enough. The idea of white genocide just makes white people join forces to save their kind and see other groups of people as a potential threat.

Its a strategy of division. Instead of replacing red heads we have to respect their wishes and respect the original redheaded characters in fiction.

There are tons of red heads in the world to play characters such as Mary jane in Spider Man. However, Hollywood and the media will find reasons why it was better for someone else to play the part.

Respect and love your local red heads.

Red head lives matter.

They need representation too.