10 Best Anime About The Joys Of Childhood

Childhood is an amazing part of anyone’s life, where everything seems possible and life is one big adventure. Most adults tend to reminisce about this time, longing for those carefree and fun days. Anime makes a great escape from the harshness of the grown-up world, and many series take fans back to the good old days of being a kid.

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Some feature young heroes on epic adventures, reminding viewers that their imagination can take them anywhere. Meanwhile, others stay grounded in reality, following the day-to-day of childhood. No matter the story or genre, many anime serve as a great reminder of what it was like growing up and all the joys that came with it.

10/10 Pokémon Features Young Trainers Going On Amazing Journeys

As a kid, everyone always fantasized about leaving home and traveling to incredible new lands. Pokémon is the very epitome of this age-old desire, featuring the epic journey of Ash Ketchum as he leaves his home of Pallet Town at the young age of 10 to become a Pokémon Master.

Ash lives the life all children have dreamed of, and he’s many kids’ first hero growing up. Even as adults, many Pokémon fans can’t help but wish they could be like him. Ash’s story embodies the greatest parts of being a kid, where just about everything seems possible.

9/10 Kodocha’s Coming-Of-Age Story Reminds Viewers What It Was Like Growing Up

Kodocha is a criminally underrated shojo series starring young Sana Kurata, an upbeat child star making her way in the world. The story centers around her life as she deals with school bullies, juggles her work and social life, and even learns about love for the first time.

Kodocha is a heartwarming coming-of-age story that focuses on the ups and downs of growing up, and it’s a perfect series for fans young and old. For adults longing for the days of their youth, this adorable classic is sure to hit close to home.

8/10 Ponyo Celebrates The Innocence Of Young Love

The heroes of Studio Ghibli films are often young kids, their stories reminding viewers of their own childhoods and the impact they had on them. Ponyo is a classic example of how Ghibli celebrates youth and innocence in its purest form.

The story centers around two young children, a boy named Sosuke and a cute little fish girl named Ponyo. The bond these two form throughout the story is a perfect example of young love and reminds viewers of the importance of such close relationships. Ponyo‘s sweet story takes the audience back to a simpler time in life when love comes easily.

7/10 Hanamaru Kindergarten Follows The Daily Life Of A Kindergarten Class

The older everyone gets, the harder it becomes to remember the early days back in kindergarten. Luckily, Hanamaru Kindergarten is here to remind viewers of this much more easy-going time in life.

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The series follows the daily lives of Anzu, Koume, and Hiiragi, three rambunctious kindergartners who want nothing more than to cause havoc and get their caretaker’s attention. Hanamaru Kindergarten is nothing but adorable, and it’s the perfect flashback to childhood, reminding all viewers of the fun and adventures they’d get into when they started school for the first time.

6/10 Cardcaptor Sakura Lets Fans Believe In Magic Again

Like many other magical girl series, Cardcaptor Sakura features a young girl’s journey as she discovers a magical power she possesses. However, this beloved classic stands out among the rest, and it’s a welcome reminder of the joys of being a kid and believing in magic.

Cardcaptor Sakura‘s heroine is one of the youngest in the genre at only 10 years old. Despite her childlike innocence, Sakura inspires fans with her strength and optimism. Her journey takes the audience back to a time when magic wasn’t just pretend and anything was possible.

5/10 Hi-Score Girl Celebrates The Simple Joy Video Games Bring

Video games are a safe haven for many kids, and they have been for decades. They give players a break from the stress and anxiety of the real world, bringing them hours of enjoyment.

Hi-Score Girl shows viewers a glimpse into life during the exciting era of arcade games, following the story of young Haruo Yaguchi, who loves nothing more than to let loose with his favorite games. The series celebrates the joy that comes from gaming, especially during childhood, and it reminds many of the fun they used to have hitting the arcade with friends.

4/10 Baby And Me Reminds Viewers Not To Grow Up Too Fast

Most kids get to live a fun and carefree life growing up, but unfortunately for Baby and Me‘s Takuya Enoki, those days have already passed. After the tragic death of his mother, Takuya finds himself with more responsibility than the average fifth grader. Though he’s so young, he now has to take care of his baby brother, often missing out on being a kid.

Baby and Me reminds its audience to cherish family but not grow up too fast. Though it often feels like responsibilities can take over everything, a balance between the two is important. The series explores the nuances of growing up and the role of family during life’s harshest challenges.

3/10 Bunny Drop Tells The Wholesome Story Of A Girl & Her Dad

There’s nothing better than a cute, wholesome story of a parent and child duo, and that’s exactly what fans get with Bunny Drop. The series follows 30-year-old Daikichi Kawachi, who takes in Rin Kaga, the illegitimate daughter of his late grandfather, after nobody else would. From there, Daikichi and Rin must navigate parenthood and childhood together, learning what it truly means to be a family along the way.

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As the series progresses, the two become inseparable and develop one of the sweetest father-daughter bonds in anime history. With its irresistibly adorable story, Bunny Drop teaches viewers the importance of family and the joy of growing up with a loving parent.

2/10 Teasing Master Takagi-San Navigates Friendship & First Love

Love is a very new and confusing emotion growing up, and many kids have trouble understanding it. As a result, many often turn to teasing to get their feelings across. Teasing Master Takagi-san perfectly captures the innocence and messiness of a kid’s first love through the comedic budding relationship between Nishikata and his best friend, Takagi.

They’re the very picture of young love, both crushing hard but unsure how to express their true feelings. With its humor and wholesome premise, the series is a strong reminder of what it’s like to develop that first crush and how perplexing it was at the time.

1/10 My Neighbor Totoro Perfectly Portrays Childhood At Its Finest

Though many anime series celebrate childhood, few do so quite like Studio Ghibli’s beloved classic My Neighbor Totoro. This film captures the very essence of what makes childhood such a magical time, giving viewers a warm and nostalgic feeling as they watch.

The story reminds everyone of the magic that can be found through simple pleasures, such as a sunny day or a trip out with friends. As a child, everything feels like a larger-than-life adventure, and that’s just the kind of feeling the audience gets from My Neighbor Totoro. Though life can be hard at times, this enchanting film reminds viewers never to let go of the magic of being a kid.

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