10 Best Shojo Anime That Are Not For Everyone

Shojo may not get the attention that Shonen or Seinen anime get, but this genre is full of anime that are beloved by their fanbase. Anyone looking for romance or slice-of-life knows Shojo is the place to go and there’s even a little bit of action for those who enjoy action anime.

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Shojo anime is made for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that every popular shojo anime is liked by everyone. An anime isn’t necessarily bad because there are a group of fans that don’t like it. After all, even the best anime can’t cater to everyone’s tastes.

This article mentions suicide.

10 Shirayuki Is A Boring Protagonist

Snow White With The Red Hair

Snow White with the Red Hair is perfect for those who can’t stand slow-burn romances. Shirayuki and Prince Zen fall in love within the first couple of episodes so most of the series is about how they grow as a couple.

Even though this series is praised for its story and characters, not every anime fan who has watched this series thinks the characters are handled well. This is especially the case for Shirayuki who doesn’t have a strong personality. Even if Shirayuki isn’t the best protagonist, the series is still worth watching for the other characters.

9 The Storyline Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype

Yona Of The Dawn

Despite how popular Yona of the Dawn is, most anime fans have never heard of it. The series is unfinished with only one season and it’s unlikely to get another. Despite that, fans love this series for its drama and intense romance.

However, those who watched this series have found themselves disappointed thanks to all the hype surrounding it. Yona of the Dawn is often on fans’ best shojo anime lists so it’s surprising that the series doesn’t live up to that hype. However, the series isn’t a bad anime just because it doesn’t live up to fans’ expectations. It has a great cast of characters and a strong protagonist that makes the show worth watching.

8 Fans Believe The Remake Is Better

Fruits Basket

To most Shojo fans, the original Fruits Basket is a classic series that’s just as good as the remake. It may not follow the manga perfectly, but it’s an amazing slice-of-life that’s become many fans’ comfort anime. However, just like many other series in the shojo genre, this series is overhyped.

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Not to mention, many hardcore fans find themselves disappointed by how different this series was from the manga when it first aired. Many fans prefer the remake to the original, especially when it comes to the story and the art style. However, Fruits Basket’s original series is still good to go back to when fans are feeling nostalgic.

7 Naho Should Be With Hiroto


​​​​​​​Orange is a short series that covers a lot of heavy topics like depression and suicide. It’s also not just a simple slice-of-life, but a drama about time travel and saving people from themselves. Even though this series is a romance, the romance is its weakest element.

The friendships between the main characters are a lot better defined while the romance between Naho and Kakeru is lacking. To some fans, the relationship between Naho and Hiroto is far better, so it’s disappointing that they don’t end up together.

6 Most Characters Suffer Tremendously And The Series Ends On A Sad Note

Banana Fish

​​​​​​​Banana Fish is a must-watch for many shojo fans. Its LGBT elements are incredibly progressive and its characters are so well-developed they feel like real people. Despite how good this series is, its ending makes it unwatchable for those who watch shojo anime to de-stress.

Banana Fish is extremely depressing, which is a turn-off for fans who want to watch something relaxing and fun. Fans who dislike this anime for that reason are missing out on a great story, but it’s also understandable that they wouldn’t want to watch something with a sad ending.

5 Both Nanas Are Weak Characters


​​​​​​​The best thing about Nana is the breathtaking world it creates. The characters ar well-developed and so realistic it’s easy for fans to relate to them. This series is the epitome of what shojo anime should be with tons of romance and drama.

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However, even if the characters are relatable to some fans, others find the characters to be boring and unsympathetic. Someone coming to this series expecting the characters to be strong like women in shonen anime are naturally going to be disappointed.

4 Catarina’s Unending Charm And Low Risk Factor Bore Viewers

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

​​​​​​​My Next Life as a Villainess takes the idea of an isekai and flips it onto its head. After finding herself reincarnated into her favorite otome game as the game’s villainess, Catarina has to do everything she can to avoid the villain’s bad endings. The best part about this series is how funny it is.

Catarina often finds herself in the most ridiculous situations and has to think outside the box to get around them. She’s a likable character but to some fans, she’s a little too likable. Despite the fact that she’s trying to avoid the bad endings there isn’t really a point in the series where she’s actually at risk of losing. All the characters like her immediately, which can make the series boring for some.

3 Nothing Can Beat Sailor Moon, Not Even Its Remake

Sailor Moon Crystal

​​​​​​​Sailor Moon is a classic anime series that set the tone for every magical girl anime that came after it. Usagi is one of the best protagonists, she acts realistically in any given situation and she also grows as a person. It stands to reason that the remake series Sailor Moon Crystal would capture the same magic as the original series and in many ways, it does.

The animation is improved tremendously and the pacing is a lot better. However, this series fails for fans of the original. It lacks the same magic and the addition of 3D animation was poorly received. New fans enjoyed Crystal just fine but old fans prefer the original.

2 Viewers Find Sakura’s Light Storyline Too Broad

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is another classic magical girl series that is nostalgic for a lot of shojo fans. Compared to other series in the same genre, this anime takes a lot of risks, which is something fans love about it. At the same time, it’s a fun and light story that’s easy for everyone to enjoy.

However, there are still fans who have problems with the series. Some fans find its light tone a little too generic, especially when compared to other anime in the same genre like Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It stands out as one of the classics but for many, it’s far from the best.

1 Racist Undertones Completely Turn Audiences Off

Peach Girl

Peach Girl takes a typical shojo story and does something unique with it. It may be a romance about a love triangle, but the drama and suspense make it easy for fans to get attached to this series.

However, even with a good story, this series has a lot of drawbacks for many fans. The characters are pretty generic but worst of all there are racial undertones that turn fans off. The fact that the protagonist’s dark complexion affects how people see her is a huge issue.

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