Deadliest Maids In Anime

Anime is filled with creative and exciting archetypes of characters, from demon lords to cosmic entities that assume perfectly regular identities in many series. A popular archetype in anime is the battle maid, a courteous and quaint individual who serves under a lord or master and is often seen as non-threatening. However, this could not be further from the truth.

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The battle maids in anime are ferocious and ruthless assassins, martial artists, and weapons experts that will destroy anything and anyone that attempts to step in between the protection of their master or seeks to interfere in their duties as a maid. Anime is filled with these deadly dutiful ladies of the house that start every day with a smile.


7/7 Dorothy – Big O

Big O is a unique mecha series that combines noir and supernatural themes to create an incredible story, taking place in a futuristic world that suffered a mass wave of amnesia that wiped the previous 40 years from everyone’s memory. However, technological advances remain, one of which being human androids.

R. Dorothy Wayneright is the most advanced android in Paradigm City and possibly the world. She was created by a successful scientist who regained his memories after losing his daughter. Dorothy is fitted with nearly an unbreakable body, extreme speed and strength, and top-notch battle skills. She joins Robert the Negotiator after he gets to the bottom of her existence and accompanies him on his jobs from time to time.

6/7 Mahoro – Mahoromatic

Mahoromatic is a lovely story that follows a combat android named Mahoro, built to protect the world from alien invaders, whose shelf life is slowly ticking down. Mahoro decides to retire and enjoy the time she has left, becoming the maid to a young high school boy named Misato.

Together the two have extravagant adventures that sometimes land them into more trouble than when they started, but with Mahoro’s incredible powers to use her deadly combat abilities, like her blinding speed, flight, and unmatched strength, she always pulls them out of the fire. Unfortunately, the more Mahoro fights, the faster her time runs out, and soon she and Misato must say their goodbyes.

5/7 Mey-Rin – Black Butler

On the surface, Mey Rin is a clumsy and somewhat air-headed individual who can barely take care of herself, let alone a mansion. However, Mey Rin is a highly respected servant to the Phantomhive household.

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When the situation calls for it, Mey Rin can change into her much more ruthless self as the sniper of the Phantomhive household, where she removes her glasses and dawns two high-powered rifles. Mey Rin is an expert marksman who can hit inhuman ranges with her normal eyesight. Paired with this is her pure loyalty to the Phantomhive name and the other servants she stands beside, making her a prominent threat that protects the Phantomhive estate with her life.

4/7 Yuri Alpha – Overlord

Yuri Alpha is one of the most powerful maids in the Pleiades of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, serving under Sebas and Aureole. She is wholly devoted to lord Ainz Ooal Gown, like most of the maids of the kingdom of Nazarick, and possesses some of the most deadly abilities of the Pleiades.

Yuri Alpha is equipped with massive, weighted gauntlets that she uses with brute strength to completely destroy her targets. She is incredibly swift and unbelievably ruthless when ordered to kill by her master. However, Yuri Alpha is not inherently cruel and prefers to help people instead of killing them.

3/7 Mannen Ranko – Akiba Maid War

Akiba Maid War is a wolf in sheep’s clothing of a series. On the surface of Akihabara, maids flood the streets peddling their offers and trying to attract patrons to their cafés and shops. In reality, there is a vicious struggle going on behind the scenes.

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Ranko Mannen is a member of the Ton Tokoton café and is a stern and reserved young woman who is often very short with customers but still garners some attention for her looks. Secretly, Ranko is a highly skilled fighter and a ruthless maid who will not hesitate to take the shot. Ranko can dance through a gunfight and take out dozens of targets without taking a hit.

2/7 Roberta – Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is a classic among classics, the wild and action-packed episodes following Roxy and her gang of mercenaries who have itchy trigger fingers and never raise the white flag. Black Lagoon is filled with characters that take no prisoners. One of the most dangerous in the series is Roberta.

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Roberta is a maid belonging to the Lovelace family and moonlights as a gun for hire. Roberta is widely known in certain circles as a hardcore terrorist for her times with a guerilla warfare group where she was one of its top performers. Roberta is a relatively kind young woman but has no quarrels with killing any number of targets any way she can. She is more than capable of taking on an entire squad of soldiers on her own and barely breaking a sweat, being an expert hand-to-hand combatant and versatile in firearm use.

1/7 Tohru – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Tohru has the appearance of a cute, blonde-haired girl in a maid outfit who is commonly mistaken for a cosplayer because of her horns and tail. However, Tohru is actually a chaos dragon and one of the most powerful characters in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Tohru is a very high-spirited and dedicated individual. She was initially trained to hate humans, and her only purpose was to cause destruction, but she changed after falling in love.

Tohru, like most dragons, can fly and has super strength, speed, agility, and regeneration. But she has more power than most dragons, having the ability to shape-shift, and her unique fire breath can easily destroy entire cities. Tohru is an indomitable fighter that has to hold back in fear of destroying everything around her and is more feared than respected by her peers.

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