10 Fan-Favorite Anime Characters With Desserts On The Brain

Even anime characters have their favorite foods. However, some anime characters love food so much that their personality revolves around it and their stomachs seem to defy the laws of physics. Other anime characters’ favorite treat to eat is a secret that must be kept hidden to protect their reputation.

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No matter how they slice it, favorite foods are a key character trait just as important as their ability to defeat evil or become student president. These anime characters will do just about anything to get their hands on something sweet. With dessert on the brain, nothing will get in their way of getting their next sugar fix.

10/10 Erza Goes Wild For Strawberry Cake

Fairy Tail

Fans of Fairy Tail know that Titania: Queen Of The Faries has a particular soft spot for strawberry cake. Back at the guild, Erza can be seen enjoying a slice or even baking a strawberry cake herself.

Erza has a stoic and typically intimidating demeanor, but as soon as strawberry cake is in the picture, the powerful wizard can focus on nothing else. Her guildmates also know better than to mess with her strawberry cake. Erza will unleash all her fury if her precious cake gets eaten or damaged before she can enjoy it.

9/10 Honey Senpai Loves Mountains Of Desserts

Ouran High School Host Club

Despite being the oldest host in Ouran High School Host Club, Honey Senpai is typically mistaken to be the youngest due to his youthful appearance and love for all things cute. He can usually be seen doting on his stuffed bunny, Usa-chan, and enjoying some sweet treats at the host club.

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However, viewers shouldn’t be fooled by Honey Senpai’s cute appearance. Honey Senpai is able to out-eat anyone when it comes to desserts. He even claimed that he eats three cakes after dinner, which is an impressive feat for someone so small.

8/10 Kayano Has A Passion For Pudding

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom’s Kayano knows everything about pudding. Her love for the gelatinous dessert knows no bounds, especially when she turns it into a method to assassinate Korosensei. Her passion for pudding led her to take charge of creating a gigantic pudding with her classmates.

However, when it came to using the pudding to assassinate Korosensei, Kayano got upset. Her love for pudding outweighed her desire to assassinate her teacher. Although the assassination inevitably failed, one lesson was learned: don’t mess with Kayano and her pudding.

7/10 Big Mom Has A Terrifying Love Of Sweets

One Piece

Big Mom is a terrifying and powerful pirate as an Emperor of the Sea. However, one trait that distinguishes this Emperor from all the others in One Piece is her love for sweets. With her Devil Fruit power, Big Mom can create a real-life Candy Land where she can live out her sweet fantasies and enjoy a never-ending supply of desserts.

However, this sweet fantasy land can be deceptive. If fans thought Big Mom was terrifying before, they better be prepared for when she gets hungry. No one, not even her own family, will be able to stand in her way from taking a bite out of what treat she craves.

6/10 Spinel Sun Has A Sugar-Induced Alter Ego

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura’s Spinel is a calm and refined companion as one of Eriol Hiiragizawa’s guardians. However, Spinel also has another side to him, one that can be seen when he eats sweets.

As soon as Spinel gets his paws on a sweet treat, his personality does a complete 180, and the usual calm and collected kitten will become over-emotional and childish. Due to his weakness, Spinel claims he doesn’t like dessert, but even a powerful guardian can’t refuse a sugary sweet treat.

5/10 Ranma Has A Secret Love For Ice Cream Parfait

Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2’s Ranma is carefree, stubborn, and brash. He goes into things head-first and relies on his skills as a martial artist to get him out of trouble, which tends to be often due to his curse. However, despite his fixation and pride in all things manly, Ranma also uses his cursed female form to his advantage.

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For example, Ranma uses his girl form to indulge in desserts. Despite having a sweet tooth, Ranma will only eat his favorite ice cream parfait while in his female form. He may believe that a guy eating desserts is embarrassing, but that doesn’t stop him from eating them.

4/10 Suzu Is The Fangirl Of Daifuku

Nagasarete Airantou

Nagasarete Airantou’s Suzu is known for her honesty, kindness, and her more gullible side. Suzu also has an intense love for sweets, especially daifuku. Her love for desserts is also one of her greatest weaknesses.

Suzu can be easily tricked if someone manages to exploit her obsession with sweet treats. With all the girls on her island after Ikuto, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to Suzu when she finds herself trapped with sweets as bait. For Suzu, Ikuto isn’t the only thing on her mind — sweets will always be number one.

3/10 Stocking Has A Never-Ending Bucket List Of Sweets

Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt’s Stocking has simple pleasures, despite being a fallen angel tasked with destroying malicious ghosts. Whether it be between battles or hanging out with her sister and Garterbelt, Stocking is either consistently snacking or talking about sweets she would love to eat.

Fans of Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt know that Stocking’s love for sweets comes in varying forms. From heavenly pudding to frankfurters covered in chocolate, this gothic fallen angel has no discrimination when it comes to her love of sweets.

2/10 Victorique Is Delighted By Dessert


Gosick’s Victorique de Blois, known as the “Golden Fairy of The Library,” is a master detective, despite rarely ever leaving the library. With the ability to solve crimes that leave the police scratching their own heads, Victorique can come across as intimidating and unnerving.

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However, Victorique’s love of sweets will make fans forget that she is a super sleuth. Whenever Kujo brings her anything sweet, Victorique’s usual unreadable expression immediately lights up, especially if she manages to get her hands on some macaroons.

1/10 Princess Adelheid Has A Sweet Fixation On Cream

Restaurant To Another World

As a loyal customer of Restaurant To Another World’s Restaurant Nekoya, Princess Adelheid counts down the days until the mysterious door appears. With her love of mouthwatering, fluffy cream, every Saturday, Princess Adelheid will enjoy a delectable chocolate parfait.

However, Princess Adelheid’s love for sweet cream doesn’t stop there. The princess has also been known to eat cream puffs as well. Whether it be a cool chocolate treat or a light, cloud-like pastry, Princess Adelheid cannot get enough of cream-based desserts.

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